Celeb car / family car. What would you drive?

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Mrs Adams and I have been talking a lot about getting a new car. The lease deal on out little hatchback will soon run out and it is far too small for our needs.

I’m sure most parents can relate to this. Once upon a time it had to accommodate two small car seats and one small bike, if we were taking Helen, our eldest daughter, cycling. Both kids have grown, as have their car seats. The eldest is now riding a larger bike and her sister is keen to follow on her balance bike. The hatchback has to go. It can no longer cope with our family’s lifestyle

But what to replace it with? I’m a bit of a greenie so want superb MPG but we need space. Could I learn something from what celebrities drive?

The infographic below comes from car leasing specialist Vertu Lease. It shows what some of the world’s most famous individuals drive. As much as I would love to drive the Range Rover enjoyed by Her Majesty the Queen, I couldn’t live with the fuel efficiency (although for an engine of that size, it’s pretty good!). No, I’m afraid I’m joining Leonardo DiCaprio in the Toyota Prius.

Question is, what would you drive given the choice?

Family car 0




Disclosure; this is a commissioned post produced in association with VertuLease.

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