Choosing summer footwear for men

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When it comes to choosing summer footwear, I can be a very difficult individual to please. I am, by my own admission, incredibly fussy.

Jones Bootmaker, sumemr shoes, men's shoes, men's style, men's fashion
Trainers from Jones Bootmaker. Every summer wardrobe needs a pair of trainers.

Many guys would disagree with me, but I refuse to wear flip flops and I simply will not wear sandals. I cannot quite explain what my issue is, but I find both styles of footwear very unappealing.

That said, selecting summer footwear has become easier as I have become older. You’re probably wondering why? Well, the honest answer is my opinions on summer footwear have, if anything, softened with age. I can regularly be seen wearing styles I would never have considered in my youth, such as deck shoes and penny loafers.

JOnes Bootmaker, shoes, men's shoes, men's style., mane's fashion, summer  footwear
Deck shoes from Jones Bootmaker. A style I once avoided but now a staple of my wardrobe.

Not everyone will agree with my uncompromising approach to footwear. I am more than willing to accept this. To use break-up terminology, it’s me, not you.

Some years ago, I used to work in Canary Wharf in London. There was a Jones Bootmaker outlet in the shopping centre and I would regularly stroll past, eyeing up the shoes and boots in the window.

I was recently re-introduced to the company. This isn’t a brand I have generally associated with casual footwear but I was fascinated to see it had a festival footwear section for men on its website. It featured trainers, loafers, canvass shoes etc. In short, I was very impressed and have a few items in mind I may buy over the coming weeks.

JOnes, Jones Bootmaker, penny loafers, men's shoes, men's summer footwear
Penny loafers, another style of shoe I am partial too.

If there is one thing I have learned, however, it is to wear appropriate footwear in the summer months. I recently spent a few days in Melbourne, Australia where summer is just coming to an end. Wanting to limit the amount of luggage I travelled with, I wore the one pair of shoes throughout my stay.

They were a fantastic pair of brogues. Alas, they were completely inappropriate. During my brief stay my feet got incredibly hot and I got massive blisters that, a month later, have only just healed!

What advice do you have when it comes to buying summer footwear? Are there any styles you try to avoid? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.


Disclosure; this post was produced in association with Jones Bootmakers 

10 thoughts on “Choosing summer footwear for men”

  1. really useful blog for shoes, really helpful article. fews weeks back i bought shoes from Tesshoes. they also have quality and various designs in shoes but next time i will select the brown shoes of this article.

    1. Thanks Carlos for your very kind comment. I agree, men should have a better choice of footwear in summer. Especially guys like me who don’t like sandals.

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