Curvature of the Earth

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It’s happened! After months and months of stress, we have at long last moved house. This was the week of the move and with exchange and completion taking place very close to each other, it’s been a busy time. I haven’t had an opportunity to get out with my camera and so this image is another one from my recent visit to Leith Hill.

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A pollarded tree sitting on the edge of Leith Hill. Look behind the tree, however, and you can just make out the curvature of the Earth by following the landscape.

I spotted this heavily pollarded tree while I was at the top of Leith Tower. It was a real feature on the landscape and so I took a number of images of it and thought I’d flip it to black and white to see how it worked. I’ve had to amend the contrast slightly to make the clouds more prominent as I think they add to the atmosphere.

Once in black and white, I noticed something interesting about the landscape in the background. Look at the horizon closely and you’ll see I’ve unwittingly taken a photo that shows the curvature of the Earth. It’s very subtle and most prominent on the left hand side, but it is there.

Needless to say, my attention was on the tree, but I was delighted when I realised what Id done. It’s always great to take a photograph of one thing but then discover you’ve picked up another interesting feature as well.

What’s the most interesting thing you have taken a photograph of by accident? I’m sure you must have some good examples so do leave a comment below with your story.

This being a photography post, I will be adding it to the #MySundayphoto photographic linky hosted by the Photalife blog. I recommend clicking on the badge below and paying the linky a visit if you enjoy photography as you’ll some great examples form other bloggers.




17 thoughts on “Curvature of the Earth”

  1. Great subject in the foreground – plenty of character in that! I love getting up high and capturing that curvature. It’s a great subtle reminder of where we really are. I hope everything went well with the move.

    1. AH yes, it was the tree that very much caught my eye. The horizon was vry much secondary but it did offer amazing depth of field. Move went okay but surrounded by boxes.

    1. Very best of luck with your move. I’m finding it was quite a bit more demanding that I appreciated!

  2. Hope the move has gone well mate. Love this photo in b/w makes the whole scene look very dramatic great shot #mysundayphoto

    1. Thanks Nigel, Yeah, I oddly think it works as a landscape shot which is strange as I find they’re better in colour.

  3. Hi John, I do like this. Even in black & white, I can feel the sun in the photo. I had never heard of the term pollarded before, but it is something I’ve seen done to ornamental olive trees. It is nice to find someti=hing unexpected in a photo. I accidentally caught some pretty bokeh on my photo this week, it wasn’t something I was trying to get, but I think it added nicely to the photo.


    1. It certainly is strange Fiona. Someone else has pointed out that it could be an issue with the lens but I can’t say for certain.

    1. Now you mention it, I think you’re right. I hadn’t really thought of it like that but yes, it does look a bit hotter doesn’t it?

    1. Yeah, blink and the curvature is easy to spot. We are now all moved in, just dealing with final few boxes.

    1. I find that’s often the way myself! I aim tot ake a photo of one thing and end up taking something entirely different.

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