Discussing male thrush with Canesten #canestentalkhealth

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When I became a dad to two daughters, I found myself on a steep learning curve. I grew up with brothers so girls’ haircare, clothing and physical development were all a bit of a mystery to me. I learned a lot about these subjects, but one of the issues that blindsided me was thrush.

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As a father of daughters I’ve had to earn a lot about thrush, but as with many men, my knowledge of male thrush could be improved.

Yes, that’s right: Thrush. I’m not going to break my kids’ confidence by going into details, suffice it to say Mrs Adams and I have had to deal with this from time to time.

In Mrs Adams’ case, none of this came as a surprise and she knew what she was doing. I, however, had to learn everything; what thrush is and what causes it through to treating it.

I have discovered the healing powers of cranberry juice (“crambles” as my kids call it) and to ensure my kids don’t wear man-made fibres for too long, especially to bed.  As my kids’ main carer, I also see it as my responsibility to ensure plain yogurt goes on the shopping list when thrush has been diagnosed and to ensure we have Canesten in the house at all times.

My lack of knowledge says a lot. I knew that thrush was more common among women and  was aware thrush is a condition that men can get. Beyond that, I knew next to nothing before having daughters.

I guess I have been fortunate in never experiencing thrush myself. That said, I simply can’t ever recall hearing a man or a dad talk about the condition.

Yeah, okay, you don’t exactly sit in the beer garden chatting to friends, comparing thrush outbreaks to see who has had it worst. That said, if men were comfortable talking about thrush, this is probably exactly what they would do.

Joking aside, thrush may not be a major conversation starter. Even so, it is a common health condition and one where awareness is sometimes lacking.

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A bowl of yogurt, Make of this what you will.

To increase awareness among men, Canesten has launched a campaign called #canestentalkhealth. It’s aim is to raise awareness of thrush among men and get them to open up about it.

A quick look at the Canesten website reveals why this is so important. While it can be very straightforward to treat in men, thrush can be a sign or a side effect of a more serious issue such as foreskin restriction or the immune system being weakened for some reason.

If a man has daughters or is ever likely to have them, there is no harm whatsoever in learning about the condition. I had to and I’m glad I did because I’ve put that knowledge to good use and it also means I know what symptoms to look out for, should I ever suspect I have the condition.

There’s plenty on information to be found on the Canesten website. You can also take a look on Instagram by following the #canestentalkhealth hashtag.

I have to ask, how much do you know about thrush? If you’re a man, would you know what symptoms to look out for? If you’re a dad with daughters, would you have the faintest idea how to treat the condition? Please do leave a comment below or track me down on Instagram.


Disclosure: This commissioned article was produced in association with Canesten.




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