Father’s Day lensball special!

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To mark father’s Day, I thought I’d publish a special photo. Both my kids, Helen and Izzy, have been kept busy taking images for the school photography club during lockdown. Izzy has been a little obsessed with my Lensball and this is an image she took for this week’s photography club assignment.

A special father's Day lensball image
Izzy’s LEGO cafe, reflected in the Lensball.

What you are looking at, is a cafe built from LEGO reflected in the Lensball. It was great fun helping her with the image.

She’s really getting into her photography. As a keen photographer myself, that’s brilliant news.

What’s interesting is that her older sister, while keen on photography, is more enthusiastic about making videos. I have to say, she is very good at making videos so the two of them compliment each other.

However you are marking Father’s Day, I hope your celebrations are a success. With lockdown still partially in place it will be a slightly strange one but that may make it all the more memorable!

Over the past couple of months I have been producing weekly photography posts. Each of them has been added to the #MySundayPhoto photographic linky on Darren Coleshill’s marvellous blog. Do follow this link for more.

15 thoughts on “Father’s Day lensball special!”

    1. It’s funny Darren, Izzy is loving editing photos with me. It’s an unexpected benefit of Coronatime.

  1. Happy Father’s Day, John. Hope you have a good day. It’s brilliant that your girls have caught the photography/visual bug. Freya likes using my lens ball as a crystal ball 🙂

    1. Oh, I have had to remove the lensball from Izzy a few times because she’s been using it as a crystal ball.

    1. I think many kids are exactly the same. Izzy, however, is loving editing photos with me during Coronatime.

    1. Thanks for the father’s Day wishes. Shame you couldn’t be with your husband on the day but hope you can be reuninted soon enough.

  2. Oh that is brilliant. Well done, Izzy. Love the lens ball photos. They just give such an interesting perspective don’t they? Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day x

  3. That is a fab photo. I need to get a lens ball, they are such fun to play with. My kids like taking photos too, which is a great hobby and skill to enjoy

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