So much to look at in this cobweb

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Here’s a photography post with a bit of a difference. I recently went out and tried to photograph a cobweb in the early morning dew and it proved to be a real challenge. I tried again this week, taking myself off for a walk in the Kent countryside on a grey, drizzly morning. I was convinced my walk was going to end in photographic failure, but I ended up getting this shot.

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I took this picture just as a drop of water fell from a cobweb. I find the whole image captivating.

I find the image captivating. At first, I found myself staring at the large drop of water a it fell from the web. It was sheer luck that I timed the photograph to catch the drop as it fell. I took the image in manual mode with quite a slow shutter speed and this clearly worked in my favour.

Having first looked at the falling droplet, I then found my eye drawn to the other water droplets still on the web. They are all reflecting the same building. It’s a bit like looking into an infinity mirror. On top of this, there’s the shape of the web itself which adds to the image.

You may disagree, but for such a simple picture, I think there’s quite a lot to look at. Even more so considering the absence of colour. In fact I tried editing it to increased the vibrancy and highlights etc. but I eventually gave up as it did nothing to improve the shot at all.

What I did below, however, was strip all colour from the shot and focus in more on the falling droplet. There are some subtle differences and I’d be interested to know which version you think is best, colour or black and white?

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A black and white version of the above picture.

29 thoughts on “So much to look at in this cobweb”

  1. I like them both, the black and white is interesting and maybe more elegant but maybe the first one has an edge. It’s also monochrome but lighter and more playful Those are happy beads of water on the first web pic. There is a lot going on and I think you must have some patience to get that drop and reflections.

    1. Patience is definitely a photographer’s best friend. I think the first image has more of an edge, truth be told.

  2. Both photos are very cool, it’s amazing how strong a spiders web is I love the way you have captured this. Must of taken a lot patience to get it just right #mysundayphoto

    1. Oh the amount of water on that web Nigel. That wen must have been under huge strain! It did indeed take a little patience.

    1. Yes, the B&W version has been zoomed in a little more whcih may give it the edge slightly. Glad you picked up on the detail.

  3. Spectrum Mum ????

    Wow you are right such detail despite the simplicity of the shot. Brilliant timing here. I think I prefer the colour. #mysundayphoto

    1. The shot did indeed come with a huge dose of simplicity. I really wasn’t sure it was going to work so very glad to see so many people liking it.

  4. Beautiful minimalistic shot. Love the art field of this. There’s something about spiders webs that are so photogenic. You’ve captured this one really well

    1. I’ve tried to capture spider’s webs in the past and it hasn’t worked out at all. Glad you like this image Lewis. You do, after all, know a thing or two about photography.

  5. Amazing timing, even if a little luck was involved!
    I’m struggling to decide which photo I like better. There’s more than a hint of a Fibonacci spiral either way. Nice work! #MySundayPhoto

  6. I think the B&W image is cleaner and sharper but both versions are excellent. Nature provides us with so many interesting photographic opportunities – we just have to take the time to stop and look!

    1. You’er absolutely right Tim, it is largely about taking the time to stop and look. A little patience can help as well.

  7. Hi John, I really love this photo. Oh, so simple but with so much detail. The droplets of water have acted like mini lens balls, Is that a house reflected in them?… There really isn’t much difference in the photos, but I do prefer the ‘coloured’ one best. This is definitely one of your best (in my opinion) and I’d be squealing from the rooftops if I had taken it.



    1. My word. High praise indeed! Thank you ever so much Debbie. Really love the fact you like the pic sop much. Coming from another keen photographer, that means a great deal.

  8. What wonderful detail John, If you fancy a task try and capture a similar photo but capture a subject in the droplets.

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  9. Oh wow. I was too busy reading and scrolling I only loaded half of your first image. I was instantly drawn to the buildings in the droplets, like a lens ball. Then I scrolled. I saw the falling droplet, what a fantastic timed shot! well done.

  10. I love water droplets and webs for photos, but they’re quite hard to focus on. I find my phone camera does a better capture than my camera which often struggles to focus – have to use manual focus (then I realise my idea of focus is never quite right despite my eyesight supposedly being fine!)

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