Help: my kids are getting into make-up

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There I was, in Boots with both kids. I was reading the packaging of a product while my kids took a look at a make-up display. When I lifted my head-up, I was presented with an impressive sight.

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The results would be very funny if my kids came across a tray of make-up like this. Pic credit: Freestocks.org

Yes, you have probably figured out what happened. Helen, our eight-year-old, had various samples smeared across her face. Izzy, who is four years old, had also had a go. Luckily she had been a little more conservative with how she had applied foundation / lip stick etc. to her face.

Given a little more time, I dread to think what the two of them would have got up to. It would no doubt have been very funny, but required a lot of cleaning up.

This, however, is just the latest incident I’ve had to deal with that proves my daughters, in particular Helen, are growing up. Both kids have always had a thing for make-up.

Mrs Adams inadvertently encourages it by leaving her (expensive) make-up lying around the house. Every now and again the kids have decided to have a play with hilarious results.

Truth be told I very rarely clear up Mrs Adams’ make-up if I find it outside of the dedicated make-up storage area I created for her. As far as I’m concerned, if you leave it lying around it’s fair game for the kids.

The other day, Helen insisted on buying a comic that had some free kiddies’ make-up with it. The make-up has become some of her most treasured possessions.

I guessed this would happen, but I’m a little surprised at the age at which Helen has caught the make-up bug. I guess it also makes me a tiny bit sad. It’s a further sign that she’s losing interest in childhood pursuits and slowly but surely heading towards the teenaged years.

Maybe it’s me that’s innocent? I did, after all, grow up with brothers (I have a sister but we grew up in separate households #itscomplicated). You won’t be that surprised to hear that none of us boys showed any interest in our mother’s make-up. Perhaps if I’d had the experience of growing up with a younger sister I wouldn’t find Helen’s love of make-up that surprising.

Come on mums and dads, what’s your experience? Is Helen a little young to be getting into make-up? Are we accidentally being too liberal as parents by not doing more to discourage this? Do I simply accept that both my kids are going to want to play with and use cosmetics and I’d better just get used to it?

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