The INSET day that worked out well

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The sunshine over the past couple of weeks has been very much needed. After those four dreary months in lockdown, it has been wonderful to at least have some limited freedoms to get outside and explore in good weather. On Monday, my youngest daughter had an INSET day so her school was closed. We took the opportunity to go for a walk and have a bite to eat at a nearby pub.

Kent countryside photographed on an INSET day
The rural landscape of Kent, basking in the early summer sun.

Coming immediately after the half term break, I have to admit I felt the timing of this INSET day was not the best. (especially because of all the in-school learning childrne have missed this year). As it turns out, however, the INSET day was a blessing and we made some memories.

Having had a bite to eat, we took the opportunity to walk up a footpath directly behind the pub. This is the scene we were presented with.

I had to take this image with my phone because I’d left my DSLR camera at home, but what a landscape. The vibrant greens of the young barley, the lively blue of the sky, the clouds and perspective way off in the distance, oh I could have stayed there all day soaking this all in. Our stroll was certainly more enjoyable than the muddy, rain-soaked walks we went on throughout the early part of the year.

I would encourage you to take a good look at the sky. This image was taken very close to the Meridian Line, which passes through villages and towns close to where we live. I’m sure this has an impact on the skyline and how the sky appears. It just seems to stretch further.

All things considered, the INSET day worked out well. having found this walk, I suspect we’ll pay another visit soon.

Are you enjoying the better weather? Have you taken the opportunity to get outside more or maybe, as lockdown has eased, you have also made it out to a pub?

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14 thoughts on “The INSET day that worked out well”

  1. Fabulous photo, I see what you mean about the sky. I’m glad you had a happy inset day. My daughter had one too, which I’d forgotten about and sent her to school. To be fair, at 13 yrs she should have been more aware herself than relying on her Mom who is losing her short term memory at an alarming rate. We didn’t have such a fun day because the school had set her a days work online. Not long to the Summer holidays 🙂

    1. Oh dear, I guess with the school closures over the past year it will be more common for schools to set work on INSET days. As you say though, not long until the holidays.

  2. What a stunning photo. It’s nice when days turn out to be unexpectedly good too!
    Our main thing we’ve been doing since restrictions eased is going to athletics competitions, which has been very nice! We also had our first meal out as a family in six months last week.

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