Lost; one wedding ring

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wedding ring, wedding band, ring finger.
My ring finger looks like this. Pic credit below.

Listen people, I have a problem. I’ve lost my wedding ring. It’s been almost a week and there’s been no sign of it. When things go missing for that long, I generally find they don’t return, certainly not in a hurry anyway.

It went missing at a very bad moment. Mrs Adams was bundling the kids out of the house as we were preparing to go away for a couple of days with friends. I was in the garden putting a couple of things in the shed and making sure the house was secure.

Somewhere in amongst all of this, my wedding ring vanished. I had a cursory look for it but that’s all I had time for because we were on a deadline.

I am in the habit of taking the ring off when cleaning or doing any sort of heavy lifting etc. When I do this, I either place it in the loose change pocket of my trousers or in one of several special places around the house. I’ve searched all loose change pockets and my special places. I’ve found nothing.

More to the point, I have no recollection of taking the ring off. When I do take it off, I am usually very good at keeping tabs on it. This is why I suspect it slipped off my finger without me noticing.

In all likelihood, I think it may be somewhere either in the gravel or in the grass of the garden. If it is in such a place, I’m not sure it is ever going to turn up again.

When I married Mrs Adams I had personal reasons for not wanting a gold ring. As a result I bought one made from a more expensive precious metal. On occasion I had looked at my finger with a certain sense of guilt wondering how I justified spending so much on a piece of jewellery (…in those days I wasn’t a stay at home dad, I had a job that paid a good salary). I am certainly questioning my logic now!

Money is, of course, only one small aspect of this. The ring was placed on my finger by Mrs Adams during the most wonderful of days. We had a Church wedding and it was blessed by the vicar who is a family friend. I can buy a replacement ring, but some things you simply can’t replace.

We’ll just have to see whether it turns up in the next few days. I may even see if I can get hold of a decent metal detector. That would be one way to check the grass and gravel.

In the meantime, if you find a wedding ring lying around somewhere, do get in touch and let me know. Oh, and if you have any suggestions as to where I can look, please do pass them on.


Pic credit; Michiel1972. Sourced from WikiMedia. Reproduced under Creative Commons agreeement.

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18 thoughts on “Lost; one wedding ring”

  1. Oh no that’s no good 🙁
    If it makes you feel better (but it probably won’t) my husband is on wedding ring number 3 (we’ve not even been married three years yet!!!!)

    1. Actually, that does make me feel slightly better! One wedding ring in six-ish years isn’t too bad then?

  2. Oh no! Hope you get a detector that may be your best hope! Although my kids are amazing at finding these little things so maybe you can set yours loose to have a good look! Good luck x

    1. Oh yes, I had planned to put the kids to good use looking for this ring. It’s sunny today so we may spend some time in the garden doing just that.

    1. Yeah, I hadn’t appreciated that losong a wedding ring was quite such a common occourence. It seems I’m not alone at all!

  3. Hope it turns up soon. I know exactly how you feel. I lost a beautiful necklace from a very expensive shop that Rev T gave me. :(. #brilliantblogposts

  4. Oh my goodness, this made me sad! I think you should get the whole family nose to the ground around the shed and search inch by inch. I totally agree that buying a replacement wouldn’t be the same. I really hope you find it. If you do, you could maybe wear a manly chain to put your ring on when you take it off? That’s what my sister does, and I’m sure you could find a discreet and appropriate chain to wear. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jess. As the sunshine has come out, I’ve been able to look more closely in the grass. It makes quite a difference. I’ll be very happy if / when it turns up.

  5. Oh dear, what a nightmare! I do hope it shows up somewhere soon! Thanks for linking up to the #MMWBH 🙂

    1. Thankfully it has returned! I am, however, thinking about getting a cheaper ring to wear on occasions like travelling abroad etc. I think I’ve learned my lesson and need to take better steps to keep my wedding band safe.

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