A modern dilemma; using your wife’s beauty products

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I think this guy has taken the whole “using the wife’s beauty products” a bit too far. Pic credit below.

I have been faced with a dilemma over the past few days. I wish to share it with you to gauge your response.

In this post-metro-sexual age, when it is it acceptable for a man to use his wife’s cosmetics and beauty products?

Let me be clear; I’m not talking about mascara or eye liner, blusher or anything like that. I mean the basics; face wash, moisturiser that type of thing (I know men shouldn’t use women’s moisturiser but, you, know, if you’re desperate surely the occasional little bit wouldn’t hurt?).

In this day and age, most men seem to use these basics, along with shower gels and shampoos for guys. If they’re in the habit of shaving daily they could use any number of post shaving balms, astringents and so on. I appreciate this hasn’t always been socially acceptable but I think it’s just a sign that a guy is looking after himself.

Back to my dilemma. I’ve run out of my own face wash and moisturiser stocks are running very low. Knowing I’m not going to get to a decent shop until later this week I’ve been eyeing up my wife’s products and thinking “would she notice?”

This is, in part, down to my youngest child. She has a habit of taking anything expensive looking and squirting it into the bath while you bend over to pick up a towel or load her toothbrush with toothpaste.

It isn’t that uncommon to hear my eldest child say in panicked tones; “Daddy, look what Elizabeth has done.” I know at this point I’m going to turn back and find a bath full of bubbles / some form of oil slick and a child sat in the middle of it all looking incredibly innocent and smelling of something intended for someone at least 20 years older.

Okay, yes, I maybe need to find somewhere better to store this stuff so she can’t get hold of it. The only thing is, we have a small bathroom and all the cleaning products are kept in the best places to make sure anything that could do her serious damage is out of reach.

If I flip this question, my wife has no problem with wearing my socks or jumpers. Admittedly I’ve never caught her using my “man cosmetics” but she will use my hand cream.

“Hand cream!” I hear you say, “What on Earth is he doing using hand cream?” Over the winter months I tend to suffer from cracked knuckles, especially, as often happens, if I’m outside doing DIY or taking the kids for long walks etc. I swear by Neutrogena and my wife is now a convert (I’m hoping those last couple of questions have restored my reputation).

Ultimately I don’t ever want to go near my wife’s cosmetics at all. I mean, like, seriously, I want them kept at arms’ length at all times. When I’m desperate, however, and the little one has turned all my stuff into expensive bubble bath, I don’t see why I shouldn’t use a tiny bit every now and again. Although only the stuff that won’t leave me smelling me of apples or strawberries. That is a step too far.

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8 thoughts on “A modern dilemma; using your wife’s beauty products”

  1. No need to worry about your masculinity John – my hubby uses Neutregena too after I bought him some, his hands get cracked as he works outside all day. The Norwegian fisherman advert is good for combatting comments about “Why is he using hand cream?” He also just uses very basic face cream and I imagine would be doubtful of using any of my “unguents” as he calls them but did once on holiday when he’d forgotten to pack it. He swears by soap in the shower but increasingly uses my Dove body wash.
    In turn I wear his boxers to bed instead of pjs.

    1. I am glad to hear that I remain “all man”. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and buy some “unguents for men”.

  2. Tom @Ideas4Dads (and Mums Too!)

    Metrosexual is my middle name and its the only thing that keeps me looking moderately haggered rather than resembling something out of the Walking Dead! Recently I have taken to filing my nails and using clear nail varnish to help me stop biting them and I have to say they look like a million dollars!

  3. Hahaha!! Being married to a Swede I can tell you that he had a stash of man products on the bathroom shelf at uni that had his house mates seriously concerned! 😉
    Hand cream – he uses more than me… When his runs out, he empties mine …And might buy me another, or he just purchases his – now that’s rude!
    Face cream, I think he’d have to be feeling pretty desperate to use mine, even though it’s totally neutral (I think)!
    He bought eye cream before me! I have to laugh a little bit about that… But it’s great, I can use his when mine runs out!!

    To sum up, I think anything neutral he’d take without a moments thought… But you seriously can’t be using it all up! And when the bottle starts to get low, I PROMISE she’ll notice… Booking her a spa day and giving her a wad of cash to stock up supplies will elevate the tension! 😉

    1. I’ll confess I have actually got some Clarins ‘ eye cream, but have never used it!! Maybe I should and your husband and I could compare notes??

  4. Moisturise all the way, every day!that’s what I say and I am already teaching my boy to do the same -good habits did hard and moisturising is a good habit to have! But your question was not should you use moisturiser but should you use your wife’s? first you need to be aware there’s a moisturiser pricing inequality. Your wife’s face cream is probably twice the price of yours per 500g. Why? Ask big industry!! So I say do it, use it, there is nothing worse than sore chipped hands or dry cheeks but do be aware she may ask you to pay her back the difference until you get your own!!

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