A polite request for your vote

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I’m going to ask once, and once only. If you’d be happy to vote for me in either the BiBs or MADS I’d be delighted.

Anyone accustomed to reading mummy and daddy blogs will be aware that nominations are open for both the 2016 Brilliance in Blogging (BiBs) and Mum and Dad (MADs) awards.

Let me get the awkward part out of the way. Yes I am seeking votes, but in a quintessentially British way. I’ll simply say that if you like my blog, I’d be delighted if you would consider voting for me in either / both awards.

In particular, I’d be very keen for votes in the following categories;


  • Readers’ choice
  • Family


  • Best pre-school
  • Best blog writer

So how do you vote? It’s very simple. To vote in the BiBs, follow this link to the nomination form and fill it in.

For the MADs, you need to follow this link (link removed by editor as it had expired). Again, this will take you to the nomination form that you’ll need to complete. Both are very simple and will only take a few minutes.

The important thing to remember are the deadlines for nominations. It’s Midnight on Wednesday, 13 April for the BiBs and 1730hrs on Friday, 8 April for the MADs.

I have seen other bloggers provide long lists, stating why you should vote for them. I don’t feel comfortable going down that route.  I shall merely say that if you like my writing, my photographs and my vlogs, then I’d love your vote.

I have voted myself, and I have spread my votes around pretty much equally between some awesome mum bloggers and dad bloggers. If you are going to vote, I’d encourage you to also spread the love around between the guys and girls as us dad bloggers are at statistical disadvantage (sad, but true).

Thank you for reading, happy voting and good luck to all the other great bloggers and vloggers out there!

4 thoughts on “A polite request for your vote”

    1. Thanks Tim. I hope we are better represented this year. I frequently find myself saying htis, but the dad bloggers seem to be on the rise but I don’t think they always get the recognition they deserve.

    1. Thank you ever so much Spen. I appreciate it, especially coming from a very experienced blogger such as yourself. Just been reading your blog as it happens. Looks fantastic.

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