Review; Hardwall Takker picture hanging tool

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The Hardwall Takker

The invitation to review the Hardwall Takker arrived the very week that I needed to hang two items on the wall of my daughter’s bedroom. In other words, the timing was perfect.

When a picture needs hanging, I rarely rush to do it, simply because almost every wall in the house supports the main structure so they’re all made of solid brickwork. You can’t just grab a hammer, locate a timber upright and knock in a picture hook. You have to get the drill out, mark the wall, make the hole and tidy up afterwards etc.

The Hardwall Takker is designed to take the pain out of this scenario. You simple mark on the wall where you wish to hang something, line the Takker up and turn the handle to drill a 3mm hole by hand. With the hole drilled, you simply push a small plastic lug (or Takk as the manufacturer has called them) into it. The lug sticks out of the wall just enough to hang a picture hook, canvas print hanger or multi purpose hook (the maximum weight the hooks will carry is 12 kilos). The Takker is even designed to collect any dust, thereby reducing the clear up operation.

Does it work? When I unpacked this product the accompanying instructions claimed it was suitable for use on any hard surface or ceramic tiles. It did, however, sensibly advise drilling a couple of test holes in a softer surface like wood to get the feel of the device.

Was I going to be sensible? No, I wanted to see if this thing really could perform on any hard surface so I yomped off outside and found a couple of breeze blocks. I put a couple of holes in them and the Takker performed perfectly. The drill bit did its job, the lugs were easy to insert and all the dust did indeed collect inside the device.

Next time I hang a picture, I will be reaching for the Takker. This device really does seem to work on any surface so I will be putting it to good use.

The Hardwall Takker retails for £24.99 and is available from Decco stores or online at http://takker.com.

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