My Sunday Photo 16/9/2014

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My Sunday Photo 14/9/2014 My eldest gets to grips with her bike #MySundayPhoto

After far too much time talking about it, I got around to buying Helen, my eldest daughter, a new bike the other day. This picture was taken as she took it for a spin for the first time.

I have to be honest and say the image was a hurriedly taken snap. I tried to put all the knowledge I’ve learned on my online photography course to good use, but the battery light on the camera was flashing. I knew I had limited time so quickly got Helen to pose. In the end I managed to take this one image but that was it, the battery expired and the camera switched itself off.

The conditions for taking the picture were not ideal. It was a very bright day and the sun was low in the sky as it was early evening. I tried to get Helen to move to a more shaded spot but she refused to budge. I think Helen looks very happy, but under different circumstances I might have produced a better picture.

The focal length was 26mm, ISO was set at 250 and the aperture was set at f8. In terms of editing, I’ve put it through the dusk filter on Picmonkey, cropped out some shadows and placed it in the Polaroid frame.

The bike was very well received. I bought one for my wife at the same time and all four of us disappeared out yesterday; mummy, daddy and Helen on bikes and Toddler Adams on her trike. It was great fun and we hope this Indian summer continues so we can repeat the experience many more times.

I have linked this post to the #mysundayphoto linky hosted by the marvellous One Dad 3 Girls blog. Make the world a better place and go take a look for yourself. 

13 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 16/9/2014”

  1. Awww, I love the notion of family bike rides together, the only difficulty is I hate them. 2 wheels just does not feel natural to me, plus I’m rubbish at it hahaha. It’s a shame because my lack of enthusiasm for bikes has rubbed off on my daughter who still hasn’t learnt to ride at 6 years old. I am a terrible father! We will teach her….eventually. My son has a balance bike but his little legs are just too short for it at the moment, but I’m sure in a few more inches he’ll be all over it.

    I saw on iPhoto Quick Edit that it shows you what the ISO and aperture were for each of the photos, so I’m starting to see which ones worked in what conditions and am attempting to reproduce it, but until I get my LSR camera in 2 years, I think it’s gonna have to be a case of take a shot and try to edit the hell out of it on the computer.

    Hope you have a great Sunday.

  2. Great photo and good luck with your photography course. I like you also an playing with my camera in manual mode after a short photography course/day the other week. Learnt so much but I know that was only scratching the surface. I will be learning more soon i hope!

  3. It’s a very happy shot – and sometimes the snap-and-capture shots show the most emotion & this one. Putting it into a ‘polaroid’ frame makes it feel like a family album shot. NIce touch.
    We love getting on our bikes and now that little mister has his balance bike he can get involved and keep us quite well too. Long may the warm September weather continue!

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