Curious seagulls at the beach

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With it being half-term, I took my daughters, Helen and Izzy, to the beach earlier this week. During our visit, I took this image of a couple of seagulls in flight.

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These seagulls flew past me while at the beach the other day. I like the mixture of sand, sea and sky in this image.

I like the mixture of the sky, the sand and also the sea, which is visible through the grass. The original image was a little on the dark side so I have tinkered with the shadows and colour balance slightly.

I spent ages trying to take this photograph. We were at Camber Sands in Sussex, a beach renowned for its dunes. Helen and Izzy insisted in playing the dunes and while they did so, seagulls kept flying overhead.

I had my camera with me, but forgot to bring a memory card. I therefore had no choice but to take this picture on my phone and I’m pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

You might think we enjoyed a sunny day at the beach. Alas, the picture above only tells part of the story.

When we arrived, the lifeguards had put the red flags up and were telling people not to go in the water. This was not because there were rough waves, but because it was terribly misty and the visibility was so poor.

About an hour before we left, glorious sunshine broke through the mist. Once the sun came out it really was beautiful. I fired off a large number of shots while the children played games in the dunes.

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29 thoughts on “Curious seagulls at the beach”

  1. It turned out really well, especially for a phone pic. I had nothing but lousy shots with my camera today but a few decent phone pics, go figure. I love how you got the gulls, jet and sun.

    1. Yes, the jets in the background too. In fact I put a different shot on Instagram of a seagull flying between two vapour trails. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Argh! I’ve done that so many times (I now carry a spare card in my camera bag – although that doesn’t help when I’ve just shoved the camera in my backpack). Thank goodness phones are so good now. You’ve taken a lovely shot, especially with the position of the sun. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Yes exactly, I had two bags to choose from and it was the bag I didn’t take that had the SD card zipped in it. Irritating, but we’ve all done it.

  3. I get so annoyed with myself when I leave my memory card in the laptop. It’s not a bad idea taking a spare but you’ve captured this so well. Love how the light is breaking through!

    1. We cam all forget an SD card can’t we? Sometimes a phone is the only camera we have and we have to make the best of it. Delighted to hear you liked the shot.

    1. The gulls can be quite terrifying I think. Thankfully they didn’t come too close although I half-expected to get dive-bombed a few times.

  4. Hi John, I’m learning that phone cameras aren’t so bad (it’s just mine that is!). I would have had no idea that your photo was taken on a phone. I do like the feel of your photo which has been set by the lighting. I can imagine lying in the dunes listening to the sound of the sea and the gulls, which brings back memories of fun times in the sand dunes at Dawlish Warren.


    1. Ooooo Dawlish Warren. Not a place I’ve ever been. You have, nonetheless, got the sounds perfectly! Glad you can’t tell it’s a phone shot. Trouble it, camera phones are getting so good in certain conditions.

    1. It was a little warm for hot chocolate, truth be told. I wasn’t hurling myself off dunes, I left that to the kids!

    1. Ah, now you see since we met I have bought an entirely new camera back, thinking myone was insufficient. Not wanting to burden myself with a large bag, however, I bought my old one (the one that appears in teh film we made). Guess which bag had the spare SD card in? yes, my new one which stayed at home.

  5. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    I always keep a spare sd card in my camera bag after forgetting too often. Pretty great picture for a camera phone though. Looks very atmospheric

    1. We’ve all done it haven’t we. forgetting the SD card? Lukcily phones are so good these days they make for a good back-up.

    1. Interesting you say that. I rejected lots of pics on the basis the shape of the birds wasn’t quite right.

    1. Oh yeah, they can be very big. I was worried a few of them may swoop down and attack me! I was a sitting target after all.

  6. Just goes to show that a photo really can tell a thousand words!
    Your patience paid dividends as the photo is great, and doesn’t show that the weather was grey & misty but at least the girls got to run around in the Dunes. But still, not bad going with a photo phone

  7. I do all my photos on my phone. I wish I had a camera to do better but I am always amazed at how well my phone captures shots. Yours looks great! Love the seagulls and how you’ve got the dunes in too. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow #mysundayphoto

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