Short story inspired by The Prompt

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This is a short story inspired by The Prompt (#theprompt) creative writing linky hosted by the Mumturnedmom blog. The prompt word was celebration. Click on the badge at the end to see what other bloggers have been writing about.

Celebrating a new arrival

He opened the door and barged it open with his carrier bags full of groceries. The door resisted ever so slightly as something scraped against the door mat.

He took a deep breath, pushed harder, made it through the door and looked at the floor. Sure enough, it was a small parcel that had been pushed through the letterbox. It was an item that had been expected with some anticipation.

Without a second thought, the door was kicked shut, the shopping bags casually discarded on the carpet and the box was ripped open. Yes, this was it!

He turned the book over and over in his hands, looked at the cover, the title and the author’s name on the front. Writing the book had been the easy part. Dealing with the publisher, the proof reading, editing, formatting and design; that had involved all the hard work.

Holding his first ever book in has hands made it all worthwhile. It wasn’t simply a book, it was a long-held ambition fulfilled. There was a lot more promotion to do, but that could wait. It was a time to acknowledge and celebrate what he had achieved.

The end.

A modern father (...and dad blogger) , John Adams, dad blogger, daddy blogger, book
The book cover to A modern father (…and dad blogger) by John Adams. Photo credit Ania Wilk-Lawton (see below)

Pssst, please excuse the shameless plug, but I published my first ever book this week and the experience definitely influenced the above story! It’s a non-fiction title based on my life as a stay at home dad called A modern father (…and dad blogger). Should you be interested, you can buy the book by following this link. For a limited time the Kindle version is 99p and paperback £2.75.




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8 thoughts on “Short story inspired by The Prompt”

  1. Huge congrats John, and plug away!! I know exactly what you mean, my biggest challenge book came after embarking on a huge edit after the first draft of my own book was critiqued by a professional editor. Hard work but worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears! Wishing you all the succes in the world 🙂

    1. Thanks Renee. I have decided the wrold is split into two groups of people; those who have published books….and those that haven’t.

  2. Yeah well done John and what a great plug! I think there are many of us who would like to experience that feeling one day. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFiction.

  3. What an exciting delivery – it must have been amazing to hold it in your hands after all of that hard work. Definitely something worth celebrating!

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