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By the sounds of it, most of us in the UK have enjoyed some sun this week. Seeing the sun break through the clouds one day while I was out with my daughters one morning, I fired off a shot to see if I could get a good image of it. Having taken this picture, the old Supergrass song Sun Hits the Sky popped into my head, hence the title.

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I saw the sun in the sky and though: “I wonder if this would work as a photograph?”

I’ve edited the image a little. I’ve increased the shadow and also increased the cyan colouring. Taking these two steps seemed to accentuate both the clouds and the sun flare.

I think it’s a simple, fun image. I’m also pleasantly surprised it turned out as well as it did as I find it very difficult to take photographs looking directly into the sun.

I have linked the image up to one of my favourite blogging linkies, #MySundayPhoto hosted by the brilliant Photalife blog. Click on the badge at the end of this post to visit the linky and see some great photography from other bloggers.

On the subject of the Photalife blog, I’ve just made a video with Darren Coleshill, the man who produces that very blog. We met up the other day and Each made a video about the various items of photography and video equipment that we use. My video can be found here:

In the video we fly my drone, discuss camera lenses, Darren goes through his photographic Bible and we explain what we shoot video on. I think Darren completely outdid me on the photographic front, but I got my revenge with my drone and higher-specification video camera.

I hope at some point over the bank holiday weekend you get the chance to enjoy the video (Darren’s blog post and video can be found here). Whatever you get up to though, I hope you enjoy yourself.



24 thoughts on “Sun hits the sky”

  1. Hi Darren, when I see a photo like this I can’t help but think of summer. It reminds me of lying in the grass on a warm summer’s day as a child, listening to the distant hum of lawn mowers and looking to see what we could see in the clouds…. I hope summer stays with you for a while!


  2. What a stunning photo! The weather has been incredible this week. We had three or four days of clear blue sky and it seemed to make the world a better place, despite the fact that it really isn’t a better place at all.

  3. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    The video is fantastic! I must admit I love a good sun flare. So difficult to get it right but you seem to have managed a good one!

  4. I’m afraid my equipment video would be very short, lol. I like what the color and shadow edits did to the flare. We finally got sun yesterday too and I was playing with silhouettes to no avail.

  5. It’s always difficult to get the sun especially without too much flare! This is perfect! Fantastic summer photo
    Look forward to seeing you this week #mysundayphoto

    1. It is very tricky to photograph the sun isn’t it? Glad you like this shot martyn. Wasn’t sure if it would work being taken on the camera phone. Would that be the event on Tuesday or Thursday you’re talking about?

    1. It’s a unique sun flare isn’t it? Some of the mist was still there blurring the sun, hence why It looks like that.

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