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Dover, photography, #MySundayPhoto

The other day I was clearing old pictures from my phone. I deleted 260 in total.

One of the images I decided to keep was this one. I took it on a family day trip to Calais a couple of months back. We were on a cross channel ferry and waiting to disembark. I’d completely forgotten about it so was delighted when I stumbled across it again.

I love the posiiton of the bird in the middle of the image and the way the sun is reflected off the water. It makes the harbour look like a very inviting place.

Have you ever salvaged an old image from your phone or camera’s memory card? What was it and why did you keep it?


18 thoughts on “Sunset over Dover harbour”

  1. That’s beautiful! It is definitely the bird which makes the image.
    I save a lot of my photos – I even print some of them off! I will delete landscapes and sunsets, but find it very hard to delete photos of the kids.

    1. You know what, I’ve just started printing off pictures after realising I had hundresd stored in digital format that weren’t being hsared. Glad you like the pic.

  2. That’s beautiful, especially the way you captured the bird in flight. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to pics and save everything!! My hubby and I have a no photo deleting rule off the camera unless it’s downloaded onto the laptop. It got introduced after too many “ooh I don’t like that pic, delete it”

    1. Yeah, I do undsertsand you rule. It does make sense. It’s deciding between the two of you what shoul;d and shoul;dn’t be delted I imagine to cause the problems!

  3. lovely photo John, I came across an old roll of camera film that i really must get developed this week

    1. I confess I was dleighted to stumble across this one. The other 260 I delted, ‘though, weren’t worth keeping!

  4. The bird taking flight against that blazing sun really does make the photo special. It’s always great to discover old photos I’m a bit of a phone photo hoarder -I really must have a purge soon!

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