Could Gymfinity Kids impress this fully-fledged gymnastics dad?

I had no interest in gymnastics until two years ago. Sure, I took my kids to a gymnastics club, but parents were not allowed to watch the sessions, so I had no idea what my kids were up to. It looked nice, but it was simply another sport I was vaguely aware of.

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Helen takes to the bars at Gymfinity Kids in Farnborough, watched over by coach Hayley.

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Subway® helps bring NFL to London…..and Horley

If you’re going to introduce youngsters to a new sport, there’s one way to make it appealing: Close the traffic on London’s Piccadilly, build a huge ball pit on this hugely important thoroughfare and allow kids to jump into the pit with the promise of prizes for everyone who takes part. Thanks to Subway®, this is exactly how I recently spent a Saturday afternoon.

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Helen and I, guests of Subway®, strike a pose at the NFL Kickoff in Piccaddilly event.

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Enjoying Subway NFL Flag

While watching the World Cup with my kids, I faced a few awkward questions from Helen, my eldest daughter. She wanted to know why no women were playing and while I did explain there was a female game, she seemed unconvinced by my explanation, clearly picking up on the comparative lack of razzmatazz surrounding women’s soccer. This begs the question: What if kids like my daughter could play a football game in mixed sex teams?

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NFL London Games players Jurrell Casey (front left, Tennesse Titans) and Neiko Thorpe (front right, Seattle Seahawks) pictured at the NFL Flag Summer Bowl finale.

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Honest Kids: Spending organic family time outside

Over recent days, many families have had a perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy time with each other. A combination of snow and closed schools has seen many mums and dads, myself included, out in the white stuff zooming down hills on sledges, building snowmen and chucking snowballs at each other.

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TV presenter and outdoors enthusiast Julia Bradbury and I get to grips with Honest Kids.

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The Thule ProRide 598 bike carrier: A market leader?

For some time now I’ve been struck at how popular Thule bike racks and roof carriers have become. It certainly seems to be a market leader and I was keen to find out why the brand was so popular.

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Carrying its cargo: Our Thule ProRide 598 roof-mounted bike carriers.

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