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The hidden costs of childhood cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year CLIC Sargent, a leading UK cancer charity for children and young people, is shining a light on the mental health and emotional impact for parents when their child is diagnosed with cancer. This guest post from  Clare Laxton, CLIC Sargent’s Assistant Director of Policy and Influencing blogs,

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Rainbow Trust: one dad’s story

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides support and care to the families of children with life-threatening conditions. The charity has recognised that support to such families often defaults to mum, as she is usually the main care giver, leaving dad on his own. In this guest post, dad of three Matt Davies outlines the support he

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Wearing daddy’s hat

Earlier this week I took part in Oxfam’s latest fundraising initiative, Dressed by the Kids Day. The aim was to get sponsored and raise funds for the charity by letting the children choose your clothes. This picture was taken while my youngest daughter, Izzy, was going through my wardrobe. She took a liking to this

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Dressed by the Kids Day is finally here!

After months of planning, Oxfam’s inaugural Dressed by the Kids Day is finally upon us! Up and down the land, brave adults have today put children in charge of their wardrobe (be it their own kids or grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc.). I spent some time yesterday going through my wardrobe with my youngest daughter Izzy.

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