Cream of tomato soup recipe with Beko #EatLikeAPro

There’s been a lot of confusion this year over whether it is autumn or winter. Having had several frosty mornings, I’m going to call it. Winter is here and that means many things, including the need to eat more soup.

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My homemade cream of tomato soup, created using a Beko soup maker.

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Food poverty during school holidays, FareShare and the #ActiveAte campaign

It’s summer time. The schools are on holiday and many parents are (……kind of) relaxing and taking it easy. For some of the most vulnerable families in the UK, however, this is a time of increased stress and financial pressure and, sadly, a time when many children go hungry or have to tolerate a poor diet.

FareShare, ActiveAte, charity, food poverty, dadbloguk, school run dad, uk dad blog, summer holidays

Over the school summer holidays, 3 million children are at risk of experiencing food poverty. I speak to Alison Walsh from the charity FareShare to learn about its #ActiveAte campaign that is addressing this issue.

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A healthy lifestyle for dad

I’ve had to admit an awkward truth to myself. It’s one many a parent of young children will probably relate to: I need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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A picture taken a couple of years ago when Helen and I took part in a fun run. Note the running gear and bottle of water. You can expect to see more of this from me in future.

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Robinsons Fruit Drop: Helping the family to drink more water

Do you drink enough fluids? Perhaps more importantly, do you go out of your way to ensure your children drink enough?

Robinsons, Fruit Drop, #enjoymorewater, squash

Izzy inspects our first ‘Fruit Drop’ delivery from Robinsons.

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Dad and daughter completing a fun run

Fun Run, #CountryKids

Here is a picture of my eldest daughter, Helen, and I. Don’t be misled by the Land Rover or Transit van in the background; they were stationery and not about to mow us down. We were, in fact, celebrating having just completed a fun run together.

It was a simple one kilometre run and Helen ran the entire thing with me as chaperone. In fact I felt very proud of her because I’m sure she came in within the first third of runners and way ahead of many of the grown ups! View Post