Christmas gifts from Samuel Windsor

Just the other day, I had to get ready for a formal event in Central London. An unavoidable last-minute outfit change meant I was scrabbling around for a tie and handkerchiefs. Had I opened a Christmas gift-package that had just arrived from men’s clothing retailer Samuel Windsor, I’d have found both items inside.

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Shoes, handkerchiefs and a tie. Just some of the items available from Samuel Windsor in the run up to Christmas.

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A quality shaving experience with Váli

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a polite but firm approach. When asked if I’d like to try out and the Starter Kit from shaving specialist Váli, I received the an email from one of the company’s founders stating: “I note your coarse facial hair and think you would like our products.” With that simple statement, Váli had set itself a challenge. Here’s how it coped with my coarse facial hair.

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How would the Váli shaving set cope with my coarse facial hair?

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Making my own aftershave with The Perfume Studio

I do love a good scent. It’s all very well liking aftershave, but could I create my own scent at home? With the help of The Perfume Studio, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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The Perfume Studio ‘Design your own fragrance’ kit. It’s all very well liking a good fragrance, but could I create my own?

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Urtekram and Hair Trade reviews

It’s been a while since I have reviewed any men’s grooming or toiletry products. I am delighted to bring that particular drought to an end with reviews of several items that have impressed me greatly.

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The Urtekram range I tried out: Face and body lotion, hair and body wash and deodorant.

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Dollar Shave Club; A part of my morning routine

Mornings are always a busy time in our household. I think it’s the same in most families with young children. I will, however, always take the time to ensure I am well-groomed and presentable.

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Looking unkempt and in need of a shave during the usually chaotic morning routine.

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