The Square Mile, with added colour

This photograph of London’s Square Mile nearly didn’t happen. It was taken in the early afternoon and despite the fact I had post-school childcare in place for my daughters, I was keen to get home as quickly as I could to spend time with them. I had spent much of the day shooting photos and I wasn’t particularly bothered about taking any more.

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The Square Mile in London, photographed from a jetty at the foot of the OXO Tower.
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Framing a subject. A simple photography trick when all else goes wrong!

This photograph was taken with the help of my youngest daughter, Izzy. She very kindly agreed to hold up this old picture frame so I could take a shot of a colourful market as we looked down at it from a bridge overhead.

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A colourful find at Emmetts Garden

Earlier this week I decided to venture out into the wind and rain and take some pictures. It was a challenge to see what I could find to photograph in these horrible conditions and so after the school run one morning, I ventured off to Emmetts Garden, a hillside garden managed by the National Trust in Kent.

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Despite the rain and wind, and the fact most of its peers had died back, this plant was continuing to flower. It was a noticeable dash of colour among the other plants.

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A Surrey landscape: Same photograph, four different edits

Earlier this week I travelled into London to attend the Internet Marketing Show. Unfortunately the early stage of my journey was beset with problems and I found myself unexpectedly stranded at a very rural train station surrounded by the glorious Surrey landscape with 30 minutes to kill until the next train.

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What looked like a natural, tranquil landscape became very dramatic when converted to black and white.

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