Full moon. . . or Is it?

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One of the greatest challenges as a photographer is, I think, getting a decent image of the moon. Here is my latest effort, a carefully timed and edited image of a full moon.

Full Moon, science museum
A carefully timed and edited image of the full moon.

Or is it? Well, actually no it isn’t! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but it is in fact a large model of the moon which I photographed on a recent visit to the Science Museum in London.

The Science Museum is notoriously busy but with no one else around, I had a clear shot at the model so managed to get this picture. I then did some enhancements and the image above and this was the result. I mean come on, you’d have done the same, right?

As a comparison, here is the straight out of camera version. You can see the edits I’ve made.

the full moon, science museum
The straight out of camera version of the full moon image. Not quite as impressive, right?

This was fun to take and edit. I hope you like…and did you guess it wasn’t actually the moon?

Linked to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Daren Coleshill photography blog.

11 thoughts on “Full moon. . . or Is it?”

    1. Oh it’s very difficult Carol, especially a full moon because it’s east to underestimate how bright the full moon is. Anyway, the model was ideal to photograph for that reason.

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