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Family technology

Keeping screen time constructive with Night Zookeeper #AD

Are you struggling to find ways to keep your offspring entertained during lockdown? Do you find yourself battling to get them away from video games and wish they’d do something more constructive? Trust me, you are not alone! One option you might want to try is a creative writing platform called Night Zookeeper. Having been

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Family finances

My financial goals for 2021

The extreme turbulence of the past 12 months has done little for most people’s bank accounts. The past year was something of a roller coaster ride for me financially. This has inspired me to set myself some financial goals for the next 12 months, goals that I hope will benefit me and my family. I

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Q&A with Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton

Let’s talk about sleep for a moment. How has your’s been during 2020? Have your children had disturbed sleep? During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have reported having disturbed sleep  and my kids have, at times, had disturbed sleep patterns. These issues are all very familiar to Lucy Shrimpton, founder of the Sleep Nanny sleep

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