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Book reviews

Sharing Care: Stay at home dads and male main carers

I want you to imagine you’ve just spent two hours listening to some incredibly experienced academics raking over what is, in effect, your life experiences. That’s what I’ve just experienced at the launch of a book called Sharing Care. It’s a book that explores the experiences of men who either share the care of their

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The Christmas decorations are up

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to see Christmas decorations go up, even if many people have put them up earlier than normal. I usually get a little annoyed when I see decorations going up too early but hey, it’s 2020. The Christmas lights pictured here are part of a public display

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Family Life & parenting

Examples of nORMALITY during the pandemic

Here’s a scene I have just witnessed. As I walked back from the local shop, I saw a small group youngsters undertaking an everyday, group activity wearing high visibility jackets. In the Coronatime era, however, it stood out for its normality and I was hit with a flash of inspiration: I was going to produce

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