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The evolution will not be televised

As a former journalist, I feel pain when people say you shouldn’t believe what’s in the news. Sometimes, however, I have to concede that news reporters get things a bit wrong. One example was a series of recent news reports about a decline in the number of stay at home dads.

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Designing a world to meet emerging family trends

I am today out of my comfort zone a little. I am writing about a subject that I have many opinions on, but rarely write about: design. To be precise, I’m looking at the trends in family life designers need to be aware of so they can create a world that meets the needs of

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The Fatherhood Penalty

For a very long time, there’s been discussion and debate about keeping skilled women in the workforce after they become parents. Some new research, however, has shone the light on us fathers and the so-called Fatherhood Penalty. In a nut shell, the research suggests the UK workforce may experience an even bigger skills gap as

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I’d rather be watching Brazil…again.

Some readers will be aware, I recently appeared in Brazilian news show called Profissão Repórter. I spent a day with a small film crew as they followed me round to see what life was like for a UK-based stay at home dad.

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I’d rather be watching Brazil

When I started blogging four years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. At first it was a hobby but since then it has become a bigger part of my life and provided me with a range of experiences. I am about to have another one of those experiences and break new ground by

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