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Five famous stay at home dads

Last week I published this blog post about ways you can tell I’m a stay at home dad (SAHD). While researching the piece (I use the term researching loosely), I discovered that Brad Pitt takes the reigns at home when Angelina Jolie is off filming and vice versa. My mind began to wonder; are there

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Five ways you can tell I’m a stay at home dad

I recently read this post on the Sunshine Dad blog about ways you could tell he was a stay at home dad (SAHD). Inspired by his list, I’ve had a go at writing one myself. Here are five ways you can tell I am a SAHD just like Brad Pitt*;

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It’s official; stay at home dads do not exist

A couple of weeks ago I contributed to a magazine article about stay at home dads (SAHDs). I felt it was a good piece, relying heavily on the first-hand accounts of four guys who, like me, look after the children and run the household. The article also made a bold claim about the number of

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Dads don’t babysit; it’s called parenting

I’ve just taken delivery of this t-shirt. It’s something of a cult item amongst us stay at home dads that’s been produced and sold by the US-Based National At Home Dad Network (NAHDN). As you can perhaps tell, the NAHDN wants to get the message across that dads don’t babysit. Unfortunately it is something I

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Stay at home dads don’t have time to fall ill

We’ve just come through a spell of illness in this house. It started a couple of weeks ago with me getting a cold. Mrs Adams was next in line to fall ill. Once Mrs Adams had recovered, our eldest child had to go and see the doctor with a minor ailment. Finally, Toddler Adams fell

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