Welcoming Star on Disney+ #AD

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Disney+ launched at just the right time. As Lockdown One was introduced, mums and dads were looking for quality entertainment for their kids. Since then, Mrs Adams and I took out a subscription and it’s been great to watch as its added new content, many of them aimed at the younger members of the family. This week we’re celebrating as Disney+ has expanded its range of entertainment by adding Star to the platform. 

Man watching Star on Disney+
With the children having gone to bed and Mrs Adams settling down to read a book, I was left to correct a historic wrong and started watching Lost from the beginning. I *might* also have watched an episode or two of the X-Files.

Why are we celebrating? Star has brought us more with loads of new TV series and movies for us grown-ups as well the older kids!

Thousands of hours of drama

On Star you will find movies such as Avatar and The Grand Budapest Hotel and more. There are also series such as Modern Family, Ugly Betty and 24. I confess I was also very excited to discover a favourite from my teenage years: The X-Files.

Mulder and Scully from the X-Files
Mulder and Scully from The X-Files, one of the many series available with Star on Disney+.

It’s a great selection. Without question Star is a great addition to Disney+, complementing it well and increases its appeal to the entire family.

Disney+ and Star promo materials
It’s a great selection. Without question Star is a great addition to Disney+, complementing it well and increases its appeal to the entire family.

Parental controls

Also launched this week are new parental controls on Disney+. New controls mean you can keep the kids away from the stuff you don’t want them to watch when you’re not looking and create periods of time when the entertainment is family-friendly and appropriate for children.  Customers can set up profiles based on content ratings. There is a Profile PIN to lock profiles and restrict access to mature content.

Disney+ parental controls
New parental controls give you control over your children’s profiles so they can’t watch anything inappropriate.

All the usual Disney+ benefits

With Disney+, you get a host of other benefits. You can keep it social and set up a GroupWatch session with friends. You can download movies and series to watch on the go and stream on up to four devices at a time.

Love Victor image
Love Victor, a coming of age drama available with Star Disney+.

Making an evening of it

Disney+ gift box celebrating Star coming to the platform
The Disney+ gift pack I received. The popcorn did not last long.

Disney+ was kind enough to send me a gift pack so I could settle down and spend an evening exploring what was on Star. It featured drinks, popcorn, a blanket and comfy socks. Once I’d had a good root around the gift pack, I took a look at the parental control settings (I am a dad, after all!).

Big Sky banner on Disney+
Just some of the entertainment options to be found on Disney+.

Following that, I started taking a look at what was to be found on Disney+ via Star. I was delighted to find Lost was on there. This is a series I started watching when it first came out, but I never watched it to the end.  It’s now back in my life and that shall be my regular entertainment when Mrs Adams is busy.

We have committed to settling down to watch crime drama Big Sky. We’re also keen to watch Love Victor, a coming of age drama that has had some amazing write ups.

You may be wondering what it costs to subscribe to Disney+. Paid monthly, it costs £7.99 per or you can pay £79.90 annually. To find out more about Disney+, Star, the parental controls or to subscribe follow this link to the Disney+ website.

I’d also love to know what shows you are watching, especially if they are on Star. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Star on Disney+ #AD”

  1. I never even knew this was happening, I used to love the X files. I’ll have to check it out and see what there is on offer. I think I may lose the mrs to lost though.

    1. Yeah, well I’m afraid my Mrs has kinda lost me to the X-Files! I’d forgotten how awesome it was. I’ve started from the very beginning and love it. If you do find anything else on Star worth watching, do let me know.

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