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The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

This product arrived just at the right moment. Not only was I in the midst of renewing our house insurance and ticking boxes about smoke alarms, but the plug on our dishwasher almost caused a housefire when it melted and fell out the wall about 20 minutes after I had installed this device. I honestly couldn’t have made that last bit up, the timing was unreal. Continue Reading…

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I have a confession to make. I sometimes need reminding that my wife is also doing something quite radical by working full-time while I look after the kids and household.

Okay, so the world is populated with many full-time working women. In our society, however, my wife does stand out because she has voluntary left the childcare and housework to me. Continue Reading…

My Sunday Photo 28/9/2014

John Adams —  September 28, 2014 — 7 Comments
#MySundayPhoto, My Sunday Photo, Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Mitford

This week’s #MySundayPhoto is topical rather than high quality. In the centre is Asthall Manor, birthplace of the duchess of Devonshire who passed away this week.

This week’s #MySudayPhoto left me with a dilemma. I’ve not had time to go out and take any images this week and so I found myself sat at the lap top, questioning whether I should take part on this occasion.

I then stumbled across this image. It’s maybe not very high quality, but it is topical. Continue Reading…

Strange housework habits

John Adams —  September 25, 2014 — 4 Comments
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The legendary Rob Halford of Judas Priest. This man helps me with the housework. No, really, he does. Pic credit below.

Earlier today I wrote a very mundane tweet. I announced to the world I would be listening to heavy metal while tidying and cleaning the house. It then occurred to me that I frequently put horrendous rock music on before doing housework and yet I have no idea why. Continue Reading…

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Lexia Reading and Writing Workbooks for Younger Children Complete Set: Levels 1-4

A short while ago I wrote a blog post about keeping up with schoolwork during the school holidays. I didn’t want Helen, who is now in Year 1, to feel burdened with work. At the same time I was keen she retained all the skills she’d learned in Reception class. Continue Reading…

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After a very brief holiday, Baby Change Facility of the Week is back. I’m afraid other things kept me a little too busy over the past couple of weeks to give this feature the attention it deserves.

I’m returning with something slightly different. It’s an image I took a couple of months back while on a cross channel ferry with my daughter during a day trip to France. Continue Reading…

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The Goldieblox Dunk Tank kit.

Goldieblox is a construction toy designed to appeal to girls. It’s new to the UK market but has been available in the US for a while.

The concept was the idea of Debbie Sterling, an engineer turned toy mogul. Debbie is on a mission to nurture an interest in engineering among girls (apparently only 14% of the world’s engineers are female). In her words she wants to “disrupt the pink aisle” of toys made specifically for girls. Continue Reading…

Celio* An Englishman in Paris

John Adams —  September 22, 2014 — 3 Comments

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a big fan of French men’s fashion chain Celio*. Having written about my experiences of shopping with the brand, I was recently invited to Paris so I could appear in a film the company was producing.

At long last, I can show you the video! Continue Reading…

My Sunday Photo 21/9/2014

John Adams —  September 21, 2014 — 17 Comments
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Harvesting the crops. My Sunday Photo, 21 September 2014. #MysundayPhoto


This was a significant week in our vegetable garden; we started harvesting the crops. Pictured here is Helen, the oldest of my two children, next to the potatoes she’d just helped me dig up. Continue Reading…

It was all part of the plan

John Adams —  September 19, 2014 — 6 Comments

Here’s something completely different. Inspired by yesterday’s independence referendum in Scotland, I couldn’t resist penning a short story about the whole thing. It’s something of a first, while I’ve written plenty of fiction I’ve never placed any on the blog before. If I get a good response, I may publish some more.


Alex Salmond sits behind a walnut-veneered desk in a windowless room at Gordon Lamb House, the SNP headquarters in Edinburgh. He is surrounded by the detritus of a sleepless night and a draining political campaign. Old newspapers, take away pizza boxes and empty cans of Irn Bru are on every flat surface and scattered across the floor. Continue Reading…