Post author Simon Dalgliesh of the SL Money Plus blog.

Post auther Simon Dalgliesh of the SL Money Plus blog.

Have you ever considered moving your family abroad for work purposes? Perhaps you’ve already done so? The guest post below was penned by Simon Dalgliesh, a blogger for Standard Life’s Money Plus blog (link below). Here he offers hints and tips for making working abroad tax efficient.

Back in the day, according to ‘The Cambridge Illustrated History of the British Empire’, the empire was built and fuelled on waves of migrating British people. And while there’s not as much empire building going on these days, it would appear there’s still that compulsion in our genes to seek foreign shores to live and work. Continue Reading…

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Will you take mum and dad into work on Bring In Your Parents Day? Pic; LinkedIn

I don’t know about you, but when I hit my early thirties I realised, possibly with a little reluctance, that my parents often knew best. It wasn’t universal; there were still things they got horrendously wrong but, by and large, much of the advice they’d given me when younger had proved to be correct.

As if to prove the point that parents do sometimes get it right, a new survey published by online professional network LinkedIn has revealed that parents stop giving career advice way too soon. In the UK, 19% of people in the workforce said that career advice had ceased when they got their first job, despite 37% of those questioned claiming they’d been given too little career advice from their parents (over 20,000 people were surveyed internationally by Opinium, just over 2,000 from the UK). Continue Reading…

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Little Helen Adams, just few days after being born, asleep on my chest. I hope you enjoy the story of her birth.

I’ve written a lot recently about my children’s development and how they’re getting older. Toddler Adams is, well, just that; a toddler who is out of nappies, can run, jump and knows the basics of using an iPhone. As for her sister, she’s a fully-fledged school girl; literate, numerate and only around 30cms shorter than her mother.

In other words, this family has progressed. We’re no longer dealing with the really early-years stuff. In some ways this is sad, but there’s no point getting moist-eyed about it. It’s inevitable and as we leave one phase behind, we move on to the next set of challenges as the children grow older and their needs change. Continue Reading…

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The Brewbarrel kit, a great introduction to brewing beer at home.

Have you ever wanted to give home brewing a try but not had a clue where to start? With Christmas steadily approaching, are you looking for gift ideas? If the answer to either question is yes, then please allow me to introduce you to Brewbarrel. It’s an approach to brewing beer that’s been hugely successful in Germany over the past couple of years and it is now available in the UK.

Brewbarrel is a kit containing the ingredients and instructions that enable you to make five litres of beer at home. You can customise the product to your taste (see below). Having tried it out, I found it to be very simple to use and the resulting beer was a very pleasant drink. Continue Reading…

I've learned through bitter experience that a flat tyre can ruin a school run. Pic credit below.

I’ve learned through bitter experience that a flat tyre can ruin a school run. Pic credit below.

If there’s one thing I’ve found that can turn the school run into a disaster, it’s a puncture. Yes, I know we’re all supposed to walk our kids to school. Indeed, a while ago I was an ambassador for the charity Sustrans and undertook a challenge to do just that. Continue Reading…

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Homework; how much is too much and does it impact on your family’s life? Pic credit below.

My eldest daughter, Helen, recently started Year Two at primary school. As she’s getting older, her education and the teaching methods used are getting more formal. This is hardly surprising, it’s what you’d expect.

There has, however, been one very significant change; homework. The quantity and variety of homework has increased exponentially. Continue Reading…

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A few days ago I took Toddler Adams out with her scooter. She’s surprisingly good at using it and we had several races. It goes without saying she won all of them. Continue Reading…

Woollen jumpers, warming soups, crunchy leaves, homemade stews, and of course: Bonfire Night! Summer has drawn to a close and the days are noticeably colder. Autumn is here, and with it all the pleasures the season brings. Continue Reading…

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The contents of the first Primal Man Shave Club subscription box.

I’ve reviewed a few shaving subscription services over the past year or so. I’ve usually found them to be very good with the boxes, which are sent out once a month, containing well-sourced items you’d struggle to find on the high street.

I’ve only ever been sent the introductory subscription box when writing about these services. In other words, the very first box sent to someone who has just signed up. This is a touch awkward as the first box often contains extra products. It doesn’t truly reflect what you might receive in later months. Until I was contacted by The Primal Man Shave Club, requests to receive and review subsequent month’s boxes hadn’t come to much. Continue Reading…

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This pile represents about two day’s supply of hair bands in this household. Pic credit below.

As I was on the school run this morning I was able to tick off a list of “good parenting” attributes. My children were happy. They were in ironed, clean clothes and had just eaten a breakfast featuring the main food groups. Their teeth had been vigorously brushed and I was in the throes of planning an exciting play date for Helen, my eldest daughter (who is six).

As we neared the school, it all fell apart. You see I had absolutely no recollection of brushing Helen’s hair. I turned to my left and caught a glimpse of her. Sure enough, her hair was messy and hadn’t been tied back into a pony tail, the way she generally wears it these days (and the way her school expects long hair to be kept). Continue Reading…