Work life balance

Oh yeah, I know how this guy feels.

Over recent weeks I’ve read a few articles about the pressures of being a working mother. Regrettably I’ve seen very little balance in what I’ve read. I’ve found myself wanting to scream “dads feel exactly the same pressures too ya know.”

Yesterday I read this post from Katherine Zaleski who is president of a company called Power to Fly. I don’t mean to single out what Katherine has written. Her post is just one of many I’ve read that have failed to acknowledge the pressure felt by working fathers as they try and acheive a good work life balance. Continue Reading…

Don’t believe the hype

John Adams —  March 4, 2015 — 4 Comments
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A woman of childbearing age. Not only is she in paid employment, but she is wearing trousers. Pic credit below.

The Daily Mail provided the world with a gem yesterday. The headline was as follows; Decline of the stay at home mother; just one woman in ten is a full time mum.

In the way you might expect from this publication, it went on to talk about “stigmatising” stay at home mothers, “economically inactive” women and a lack of “house-husbands.” There is, the paper thundered, a “controversy over pressure on working mothers.” There was, by the way, no mention of the immense pressure felt by working fathers. Continue Reading…

LAB Series

MAX LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream is the latest men’s skincare product to come from LAB Series. It claims to be a “high tech, high performance” skin cream. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks and am happy to share my opinion.

Please do also read on if you are interested in winning some LAB Series products. Details of a competition set up to celebrate tha launch of this lifting cream can be found below. Continue Reading…

table manners

The sight of this place setting brings joy to my heart. It really does. Pic credit below.

Am I alone in thinking it’s hard to teach a child good table manners? For a brief moment I am going to let my guard down and confess that it’s an occasional cause of marital disharmony in this household.

I, you see, was raised in a household where exemplary table manners were expected from a very, very young age. By the age of five I put my knife and fork down properly after every mouthful in a v-shape, never used my hands and never put my elbows on the table. If I ever passed the port bottle in the wrong direction, well, it was 100 lines and a night in the dog’s kennel for me. Continue Reading…

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The VonHaus 220w oscillating multi-tool

As you may have gathered from previous reviews, I’m something of a DIY fan and I do like my power tools. This family, you see, likes to save money and avoid paying for tradespeople if it can be avoided. This particular item, the VonHaus 220w oscillating multi-tool, seems to be the latest in a growing trend of power tools that has many different uses.

The tool itself is essentially a hand held device that oscillates at six different speeds. You fit the appropriate attachment for the job you are doing, and away you go. Continue Reading…

My SUnday Photo, #MySundayPhoto, London, City of London, Liverpool Street Station,

This photograph was taken when I was in Central London the other day. I’d been at an event discussing family finances in a building near Liverpool Street Station.

When I came to leave, it was throwing it down. It was one of those stereotypical rainy London days; it was grey, wet and the clouds were hanging low in the sky. Continue Reading…

mummy, #country kids, #countrykids, linky

This photograph is a little misleading. It appears to show Toddler Adams nearing the top of a scramble net at a nearby park. In actual fact, she wasn’t.

Mrs Adams can sometimes get a bit nervous of the kids when they’re playing on swings, slides and the like. Deciding to have a little fun at my wife’s expense, I took this image on my phone and sent it to her at work (I know I know, I’m a mean husband). Continue Reading…

Debt calculator

Have you ever wondered how long it might take you to pay off your debts? Maybe you owe money on credit cards, have a mortgage on the family home or other loans?

If you are looking to clear these debts or want to get a monthly plan in place, help is at hand from Natwest. The bank, which is running a campaign to make banking fairer, has produced a debt calculator.

I’ve had a good play around with this tool and it is fascinating. Dare I say it, it’s actually quite good fun.

You can enter in any debts you might have, be it on credit cards, loans to family and friends and so on. You can also enter your desired repayment period.

Simply hit return and the calculator will tell you what you owe and how long you will need to pay it back. It really is that simple.

You will find the debt calculator here. It joins a list of other tools the Natwest is offering savers, such as a budgeting calculator.

Disclosure; I have been compaensated for producing this blog post.

How do single parents do it?

John Adams —  February 27, 2015 — 12 Comments

Single parent

I’ve always had the greatest respect for single parents. My experiences over recent days have further proved to me that single mums and dads must be superhuman.

Mrs Adams, you see, went away for a couple of days with work. To be precise, she was only away for the one night but she left at 6am on Wednesday and didn’t get back until 10pm last night. This was enough to have me run ragged. Continue Reading…

aldi fleece jacket

The Aldi workwear fleece jacket.

With the weather steadily improving I’m turning my mind to the DIY jobs that need doing in the garden. I don’t know about you, but I always find this involves getting filthy, especially in that period between winter and spring when the ground is still wet and muddy.

To save my clothes, I have turned to the workwear range from Aldi. Let me be clear, this is not the kind of thing I would wear out, but for doing DIY around the family home, this stuff is ideal. Continue Reading…