Welcome to my messy home

John Adams —  October 22, 2014 — 20 Comments
#wickedwednesays, brummymummyof2

Some junk hanging around our bedroom. Worse, however, got stuck to my foot the other day.

I’ve seen and read your blog posts and I have a declaration to make. It’ll probably get me in trouble, but who cares.

As a stay at home dad and as a man responsible for running this household, I want it known that I am just as capable as running a messy, untidy home as any woman.

There we go. Now I’ve said it, I feel much better. Continue Reading…

Eteckcity, multi port hub, USB, USB 3.0

The Etekcity USB3.0 10-port hub

Personally speaking, I find that using a multi-port hub can be very useful. I may have images on one data stick, Word documents on another, a mobile phone to charge and soon. Having them all plugged into the one device can be very useful.

Perhaps it’s because I have slightly Luddite tendencies, but it never actually occurred to me that a 10-port hub might even exist. Who actually needs access to so much data in one go? More to the point, surely you’d need some kind of special license for operating such a piece of machinery? Continue Reading…

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Looking up at the spiral staircase at the Calais lighthouse / Phare de Calais.

I’ve had this image knocking about on a memory card for a while. I took it back in August when I went to Calais on a day trip with my eldest daughter, Helen. It’s taken inside the Phare de Calais, the lighthouse that dominates the town’s skyline. Continue Reading…

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Qwiddle founder and author of this blog post, Vanessa Cameron.

This guest post comes from Vanessa Cameron. In no particular order, Vanessa is a mother, blogger and founder of Qwiddle, a safe, online, free digital piggy bank that is powered by PayPal. It has been set up to help teach children to save for what they really want and to learn to about wise money management….in a digital world. Over to Vanessa to explain what it is all about.

I took my eldest son Thomas, 12 at the time, to pay in his money at the bank. We were faced with a huge queue. He said “mum, surely not, is this the only way to deal with my money?” The dye was cast “I am going to find a new way,” I thought. Continue Reading…

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Swan and ducks on the man made lake at Hever Castle, Kent. #MySundayPhoto

This image was taken yesterday on a family visit to Hever Castle in Kent. The swan and ducks swam right in front of me and so I hurriedly snapped away before they moved out of the frame.

I like the perspective of this photo. While the swan and ducks dominate the foreground, I like the picture’s depth of field. I also think the reflections in the water and the grey sky add character to the image. Continue Reading…

Short story; Joy

John Adams —  October 17, 2014 — 8 Comments

This short story is being added to a few different linkys. It was, however, inspired by #theprompt linky hosted my the Mum Turned Mom blog. The prompt word was “joy”. As a challenge, I tried to see if I could write this in 100words and I’m pleased to say I managed it!


The water went blood red when she stepped into the bath, run for her by a nurse. After hours of agony, she was more than happy to relax and wallow in her own waste.

She closed her eyes. The pain, torment and upset were over. Continue Reading…

About 18 months ago I hosted a twitter Q&A session with Jo Swinson, Minister for employment relations, consumer affairs and women and equalities. The subject we discussed was shared parental leave. At the time it was a proposal being considered as part of the Children and Families Bill.

Earlier today I again found myself speaking to the Minister, this time as part of a Google+ hangout hosted by the marvellous BritMums bloggers network. In addition to the Minister, the session involved some brilliant bloggers; BritMums founders Jennifer Howze and Susanna Scott (Jenography and A Modern Mother respectively), Mari Weekes, of Maris World and Helen Neale of KiddyCharts. Continue Reading…

Eden Park, men's style, men's fashion, men's clothe's, Gant,

Eden Park stripey pop ray shirt. Trousers; Gant. Shoes; Walker and Gunn.

Despite its English name, Eden Park is a French clothing brand for men. It was created by former French rugby union player Franck Mesnel back in the 1980s.

A quick look at Eden Park’s range and the quality of the products proves this is a higher-end label. There are plenty of other brands operating in this sporty / rugby / preppy arena but few seem to provide the same level of quality. It’s worth noting this brand is the official England RFU formal wear supplier. Continue Reading…

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Imagine what children’s TV commercials are doing to this child’s brain. Pic credit below.

I’m going to make a confession and I have a funny feeling many of you are going to agree with me. I absolutely, totally and utterly despise television commercials that are pitched at children. They completely do my head in. I’ve no idea how the funding could be replaced, but children’s television would be a much better without them.

I’ve written in the past about my dislike and guilt about letting the kids watch TV. I always feel like we should be baking, playing games, reading or undertaking some other wholesome activity. The truth is you can’t always do that. Sometimes you need 20 minutes of peace to cook an evening meal and the TV fills that space perfectly. Continue Reading…

My sunday Photo, #mysundayphoto, photography, blogging

Sunrise, My Sunday Photo, 12 October, 2014. #MySundayPhoto

Captured here is the sun rising over a hill near Chez Adams early last Monday morning. What caught my eye was the burst of colour where the sunlight was coming over the brow of the hill and the amazing colours in the sky. It also contrasts well with the dark silhouette of the trees. Continue Reading…