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This’ll be me. Imagine that face with a beard, and that’s what you’ll find at BritMums Live. Pic credit: Anina Wilk-Lawton, Photography for Parents.

Late last week the finalists in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) were announced. To my amazement, I have made it through to the finals in the family category, as sponsored by Reading Eggs.

The final decision is now in the hands of the judges and we’ll find out who takes the prize at the BiBs awards ceremony at BritMums Live on 19 June. In the meantime, I wanted to thank absolutely everyone that voted for me and got me on to the shortlists and then into the finals. I can’t stress enough, your support is really appreciated and I’ve been touched by the number of supportive messages I’ve received. Continue Reading…

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I haven’t had a proper beard on my face for about 17 years. I’m about to grow another one as I participate in the Lullaby Trust’s Beards for Babies campaign.

For those unfamiliar with the Lullaby Trust, it’s a charity that works with families affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Between 1 June and 26 June 2015, it is calling on men to quit shaving. Continue Reading…

EXP Workwear

I think this lumberjack is wearing a reasonable amount of personal protective equipment. Pic credit below.

Noticing that I’m a bit of a DIY fan, EXP Workwear has produced this guest post. In it, the company takes a sideways look at some of the most dangerous jobs around and highlights how can protect yourself.

Plenty of jobs involve an element of danger, and none more so than professions in the trade (although you will see childcare and teaching get a mention below!). Many of us are used to working in environments containing risk, but which jobs are most dangerous and how can you protect yourself if you work one of them? Continue Reading…

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Here we have a photo of my eldest child, Helen, playing with a vintage item I purchased earlier this week. It’ll soon be stored firmly out of reach of the children and so she was making the most of it while she could.

The item in question is a Fullerphone MKV Morse code machine dating back to WWII. It’s something I bought on a whim from a nearby second hand furniture store and I’m so glad I did. Continue Reading…

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There has been a lot of discussion about friendships and relationships in this household over the past week or so. Toddler Adams has reached an age where she’s started to make friends whereas Helen, who is six, has been presented with a few different issues that have necessitated “having a chat with dad” (or indeed “mum and dad” when Mrs Adams has been around).

A whole variety of circumstances have been up for discussion. For starters, there have been a couple of friendship issues that we’ve had to deal with. Continue Reading…

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For the avoidance of doubt, this was not my foot! Pic credit; Daniel Pacquet.

As you may be aware, a little over a week ago I broke the little toe of my left foot following a freak domestic incident. In less dramatic terms, I caught my left foot on the leg of the ironing board when I had nothing on my feet.

Okay, I concede this was not a particularly serious injury and it was not as painful as childbirth (as my wife rather sarcastically pointed out). Even so, recovering from this fracture has provided me with a valuable insight into family life. Continue Reading…

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I used to know a guy who spent some time working on an Australian sheep station. At every exit to the building, he said there were huge bottles of sun screen mounted on the wall, rather like hand sanitiser in a hospital. As you left the building, you were expected to apply it to every bit of exposed skin.

This guy apparently stepped outside in the mid-day sun for one brief moment. A woman on the site saw him, dashed out and placed a hat on his head.

The message? Burly, tough Australian sheep shearers appreciate the power of the sun. They take skincare and the risk of skin cancer seriously. If they can, you should too. You would also be following in the footsteps of Hugh Laurie, Clive Owen and Laz Alonso, men who all famously moisturise. Continue Reading…

Depression, new fathers, mental health

Should we do more to help new fathers so they avoid mental health problems? Pic credit; Andrew Mason. Reproduced under Creative Commones Agreement 2.0

Can you get the connection between all of the following; Supergrass, Radiohead, Ride, Lewis Carroll. J.R.R. Tolkein, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Ed Milliband, Iris Murdoch, Camilla Long? All either hail from Oxford or were educated there.

You can add to that list a superb but little known reggae band called Makating plus my life-long friends Stuart and Steve. If you’re feeling particularly generous you can add me to the list as I spent most of my childhood in the area*. Oh, and let’s not miss the Turf Tavern pub off the list. It’s probably the only pub in the world that can sell 15 crates of Pimms in one day (Oxford is a Pimms kinda place). Continue Reading…

Golden ticket, Charlie and the CHocloate Factory, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket finds his golden ticket. Pic credit: Johan Persson

Does Charlie and the Chocolate Factory work as a musical? Is it as good as all the hype? Most importantly, would this modern reworking of Roald Dahl’s classic tale it get the seal of approval from my goddaughter and her sister if I took them along to see it?

Personally speaking, the excitement began long before seeing the show, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The new Musical, to give the show its proper name. I thought this was going to be something special and neither myself nor the children were disappointed (I will call them “the children”, even though on this occasion I was attending with someone else’s instead of my own!). Continue Reading…

Daddy Track, Mummy Track, Mommy Track

In my experience the Daddy Track is not quite as long and straight as this, but it can be baren and lonely.

There was a very interesting feature in Saturday’s Telegraph about a relatively new concept called the Daddy Track. It hails from the United States and in very basic terms, the Daddy Track is the career path taken by men who leave the workforce to care for their children.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear the term Mummy Track (or should I say Mommy Track) has been around for much longer. It will probably sound incredibly familiar to many mothers. Continue Reading…