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Sir Richard Branson and daughter Holly launching Bring In Your Parents day. I know from personal experience that Sir Richard takes his own mother to work sometimes. Read on to find out how I know this.

Be honest, do your parents understand what you do for a living? I’ll wager the answer is probably “no”. For the second year running, social media network LinkedIn is taking action to rectify this issue. It’s an initiative called Bring In Your Parents Day and it takes place on Thursday, 6 November (hashtag; #BIYP).

It’s not a complex idea. All you do is arrange for your mum, dad or indeed both parents to spend some time with you in your workplace learning a bit more about your working day. Continue Reading…

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I suspect this guy could carry several children. Photo credit below.

I’m a little sad. Helen, my eldest, my little monkey, has reached another milestone. It was inevitable, but it’s one that upsets me nonetheless. The girl has grown up so much I can no longer pick her up and give her cuddles on demand / spin her round / ride around the living room with her on my back.

In fairness, I’ve had a very good run. Even if I say so myself, I am blessed with good physical strength. I know I’ve been able to do these things much longer than most dads and certainly much, much longer than my wife. Up until now, however, I haven’t had to give it a second thought if she’s come running up to me and asked to be picked up or cuddled for some reason. Continue Reading…

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Inateck 4 port USB3.0 hub.

I’ve reviewed a few USB hub ports over time. I think the Inateck 4 port USB3.0 hub has to be a favourite based on its size. It is small and compact so won’t take up much room on your desk. Continue Reading…

I have a confession to make. This photos of this week’s baby change facility were not taken by me. They were taken by an old friend. Let’s call her Karen (who also happens to write this rather splendid blog).

Karen was minding her own business in a well known tourist attraction when she stumbled across the ladies facilities. As you’ll no doubt agree from the image below, all the signs are that you would have no issues if you happened to be female and needed to change your child’s nappy. Hark ye, it even has a cubicle that enables you to maneuver a buggy!

baby change, nappy change, diaper change, nappy, diaper, baby change table Continue Reading…

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Not only do I dislike Halloween and bonfire night, but I really dislike humbugs. They’re just grim. Photo credit below.

It’s the time of year when two celebrations run back to back with each other that make me feel uncomfortable; Halloween and bonfire night. By all means call me a killjoy, but I’m not particularly happy with my children being exposed to either. Continue Reading…

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My Sunday Photo, 26 October , 2014. A beautiful sight in the early morning sky. #mysundayphoto


This is one of those images that makes you thankful for camera phones. I was bundling the kids into the car for the school run the other day when I looked up and saw this. I didn’t have time to run into the house and get the camera so quickly snapped this picture. Continue Reading…

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5

The Hydro 5 Groomer is a new product from Wilkinson Sword. It is far more than just a razor. It has been designed to trim stubble, shave stubble, edge facial hair styles and sideburns and also hydrate the skin.

It promises a lot. How does it actually perform? Continue Reading…

There was tension in the room. In the furthest corner sat four gang members, muscle in case anything went wrong. They had been instructed by Simon, their leader, not to move unless he told them. He didn’t want them seeing what was going on in too much detail in case it gave them ideas.

Simon himself was pacing up and down the floor of the lock-up garage where this crime was taking place. This was the moment he had been planning for months.

“How much longer?” said Simon to Charlie, the computer whizz making this criminal escapade a reality. Continue Reading…

Welcome to my messy home

John Adams —  October 22, 2014 — 39 Comments
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Some junk hanging around our bedroom. Worse, however, got stuck to my foot the other day.

I’ve seen and read your blog posts and I have a declaration to make. It’ll probably get me in trouble, but who cares.

As a stay at home dad and as a man responsible for running this household, I want it known that I am just as capable as running a messy, untidy home as any woman.

There we go. Now I’ve said it, I feel much better. Continue Reading…

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The Etekcity USB3.0 10-port hub

Personally speaking, I find that using a multi-port hub can be very useful. I may have images on one data stick, Word documents on another, a mobile phone to charge and soon. Having them all plugged into the one device can be very useful.

Perhaps it’s because I have slightly Luddite tendencies, but it never actually occurred to me that a 10-port hub might even exist. Who actually needs access to so much data in one go? More to the point, surely you’d need some kind of special license for operating such a piece of machinery? Continue Reading…