The recent budget brought in a number of changes to ISAs, Child Trust Funds, tax and pensions that will affect families. In her latest guest post for Dadbloguk, Standard Life family finance expert Julie Hutchison outlines what these changes are and how they may affect your family.

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The man with the budgetary plan. . .

What was in Budget 2015 for parents and children? And if you’re saving for the future, what’s changing on 6th April 2015? Here’s a summary of what’s happening. Continue Reading…

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The Dreambaby Rapid response Digital Thermometer

The Dreambaby Rapid Response Digital Thermometer is incredibly easy to use. It only has the one button so you simply press it, place the tip under the tongue and wait for it to beep.

You really can’t go wrong with this item. The digital display is huge so you can’t miss the temperature. The background to the display goes red if the temperature is too high or goes green if all is okay. Continue Reading…

fussy eater

We’re having some problems getting Toddler Adams to eat. The little monkey is going through a phase where she refuses to eat what she’s given. Alternatively, Elizabeth will ask for food (a satsuma for instance) and once given what she’s asked for, refuse to eat it.

There’s definitely an element of the terrible twos at play. Let’s just say that other elements of her behaviour are also proving a little challenging as she pushes boundaries. Continue Reading…

London Underground

This picture was a quick snap taken on my phone back in February when I was on my way The Baby Show in London with Helen. She was messing around on the London Underground train and put her face up against the glass.

It’s a quick snap taken on my phone. I think Helen was fascinated by the tunnel as it whizzed past. It was the reflection of her face that caught my eye.

I played around with various filters but settled with ‘dusk’ in the end. I’ve also adjusted the exposure ever so slightly and cropped the shot.

As per usual, I have linked this image to the MySundayPhoto image hosted by the Onedad3girls blog. It’s well worth a visit so do go and take a look.

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Feeling lucky? I’ve teamed up with trade and construction training provider AbleSkills to run a DIY Fail Competition in which bloggers can demonstrate why they deserve to win a Tradesman Course.

Show your DIY Fails

We’re looking for bloggers that would like to share their own DIY Fails, be it in the family home or elsewhere. The examples below are quite spectacular. Perhaps you have done similar (just to confirm, these images are not from the Adams household. I’m guilty of a fair few mistakes but nothing on this scale)?

DIY,  Able Skills Continue Reading…

We’re just a few weeks away from a General Election. With that in mind, I have approached several political parties. Each has been invited to put forward a spokesperson willing to write a guest post for Dadbloguk. I’m delighted to say most have agreed to this request.

The article below is the first such post. It comes from Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson. In addition to being MP for East Dunbartonshire, Jo is also Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs and Minister for Women and Equalities. The new shared parental leave rules come into force next week and the Minister had a pivotal role is creating the legislation that put them into place. In this post the Minister outlines why she feels shared parental leave is so important.

New Shared Parental Leave law will be available to working couples from April 5th

Jo Swinson, Shared Parental Leave

Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs and Minister for Women and Equalities. MP for East Dunbartonshire.

As new(ish) parent myself, I want to take this opportunity to tell you more about a new policy that I’ve been working hard to bring in: Shared Parental Leave.

It is an ambitious reform – it is designed to give parents much more choice over how they manage childcare in the first year of their child’s life. Ultimately, we think this will allow dads to play a bigger role in looking after their children and give parents more options for balancing childcare with continuing their careers. Continue Reading…

stay at home dads

Do not talk to me about man flu. Pic credit below.

We’ve just come through a spell of illness in this house. It started a couple of weeks ago with me getting a cold. Mrs Adams was next in line to fall ill.

Once Mrs Adams had recovered, our eldest child had to go and see the doctor with a minor ailment. Finally, Toddler Adams fell ill at the weekend culminating in a vomiting session over the sofa. Continue Reading…

Legal & General

Lehal & General’s #MoneyHangout’s, getting people talking about money.

I recently took part in a Google+ hangout that was organised by financial services giant Legal & General. It was the first in a series of hangouts aimed at discussing personal finance issues and giving guidance to individuals across a range of life stages.

The event was chaired by Legal & General’s chief executive Nigel Wilson and an expert panel was on hand to answer questions that had been submitted by readers of Dadbloguk (you can read previous blog posts here and here). Issues discussed included the best ways to save money on everyday items for your children, how to invest for your children’s future and how to budget. Continue Reading…

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The one and only Mary Whitehouse

I can probably say with some authority that we all swear. I’m also going to assume, because I have a lot of faith in my readers, that you do your utmost to make sure it doesn’t happen in front of your children.

Even so, none of us is perfect. Even the most right thinking individual accidentally mutters invective when injured and in pain or when forced to brake hard because a foolish motorist has pulled off a life-endangering stunt. This type of thing happens and I don’t think anyone should feel too guilty on the rare occasion when it does. Continue Reading…


This photograph reveals a completely random parenting moment. As you can see, it is a colander containing a pair of Toddler Adams’ socks.

The randomness of this collection of objects struck me as very amusing. I have no idea why she decided to take her socks off, place them in a colander and transport this precious cargo from the kitchen to the living room, but this is what she appears to have done. Continue Reading…