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Read more about Jemma’s story below.


Some years ago I attended a job interview. It was for a media officer’s job with The Children’s Society.

I say media officer, this was such a long time ago it was probably what was then referred to as a press officer role. The media has moved on such a lot in the intervening years that the title of press officer is obsolete in this day and age. Please forgive me, I’m going off on a tangent. Continue Reading…

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The toy aeroplane I had as a child was remarkably similar to this.

With Christmas a month away, there’s been a lot of discussion in our house about toys. Toys my eldest child has grown out of are now being passed on to her little sister, especially bigger items like bikes and trikes. It makes me a little nostalgic to be honest.

I’ve been looking at various retailers, trying to find suitable Christmas presents for the children. Among the ranges I’ve looked at has been George at Asda’s toy selection. I can see a few items that may get passed on to future generations, especially the wooden toys.   Continue Reading…

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A child, eating in a restaurant. Scandalous, I’m sure you’ll agree. Pic credit below.

I was invited onto BBC Radio Tees yesterday. I was asked if I’d care to respond to an article that Janet Street-Porter had written for Daily Mail.

In the article, the former Independent on Sunday editor, suggested that children should be banned from restaurants and cafes. She also put forward the idea that aircraft should have special “baby zones”. Continue Reading…

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Our glorious wood burning stove. Chopping logs to keep this thing going has made me think about those with much bigger problems.


Immediately after writing this blog post, I will be taking action to ensure my family does not freeze. This will involve going outside and chopping logs for our wood burning stove.

It’s become a part of my early morning routine. Some days I’ve been so desperate to get the fire lit I’ve gone outside while still wearing my night clothes and dressing gown and started splitting logs. That must be quite an amusing sight for the neighbours. Continue Reading…

Introducing YouTube Kids

John Adams —  November 23, 2015 — 9 Comments
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YouTube Kids; designed specially for the little ones.

I remember the first time I allowed my children to watch YouTube. It must have been about three years ago. It was one of those occasions when I needed some peace and quiet and yet there was nothing suitable on the television. I did a search for Peppa Pig and sat down with my daughter Helen as she watched a few episodes.

Since then, my family’s use of YouTube has become more sophisticated. I’ve used it to watch French-language videos with the kids and found it especially good for sourcing classic educational songs like Frere Jacques. I’ve used it to watch videos about the solar system or wildlife films, depending on what their interest are at a particular time. Continue Reading…

Playing in the November snow

John Adams —  November 22, 2015 — 21 Comments
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Toddler Adams playing in the November snow

We had some freak snow yesterday morning. It lay on the ground for about an hour and the children made the most of it.

Pictured here is Toddler Adams, just before I helped her put some gloves on, who had great fun with her sister playing while the snow lasted. It wasn’t too much longer after this shot was taken that she came inside complaining of being cold. She warmed up very quickly after having a bath.

The picture was taken on a Nikon Coolpix L820, which is a basic bridge camera. This isn’t a camera I’d normally use, but my trusty Samsung has gone into retirement and I’m waiting for my replacement Canon DSLR to be delivered (sense the excitement in the tail end of that sentence!).

The pic was taken in smart mode in colour but I flipped it to black and white. Focal length was 4mm, ISO 180, exposure time 1/30 of a second and aperture f3. I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky. Click on the link below to see more images taken by other bloggers. I hope to link up next week with an image taken on my sparkly new Canon!


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The Stand-alone alarm. More info below.

Struggling with what to get your fussy family for Christmas this year? The older brother who insists there is nothing that he wants, or the Uncle you only ever seem to buy socks for? And don’t even start with the in-laws!

Well, the security experts at Yale, have produced a Christmas gift guide so you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll get presents they love. Continue Reading…

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Today is International Men’s Day (19 November). I will wager, however, that you didn’t know such an event even existed.

I always think it’s rather sad that International Men’s Day doesn’t get the same attention as International Women’s Day (IWD). Whenever IWD comes around, social and traditional media light up. It’s opposite number, meanwhile, attracts virtually no attention in comparison. Continue Reading…

Last week I published a list of Christmas gifts for the grown ups. I promised one for the children, and here we are.

Once again, I’m only listing gifts that I have had the pleasure of handling and using, not just rewriting media releases (with the exception of the balance bike, although we have got one on order). I hope it provides some inspiration. Continue Reading…

Guilty of a parenting fail

John Adams —  November 17, 2015 — 14 Comments
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I am today guilty of a parenting fail; #facepalm


I’ve done something a bit stupid. Truth is, I’m guilty of a parenting fail. We’re not talking anything dangerous or life threatening, simply something a bit daft that has backfired. My crime; to leave Helen, my six year old, a note from the Tooth Fairy.

That may seem very innocuous. Only thing is my little message has gone and strengthened her belief in this mythical creature, something I was not keen on doing. Continue Reading…