Some time ago I hosted a twitter Q&A session with Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson on the subject of shared parental leave. That was back in February 2013. It seems like a lifetime ago, indeed, Swinson herself has become a mother in the meantime. Thankfully the proposals were included in the Children and Families Act and will come into effect from 5 April next year.

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School holiday fatigue

John Adams —  August 29, 2014 — 1 Comment


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These guys have just played 432 rounds of Duck Duck Goose (photo credit below).

Come on, admit it. That rule about limiting the children to watching 30 minutes of television a day has been completely and utterly flouted hasn’t it?

I have to confess my application of that rule has been a little liberal over the past week or so. The reason; school holiday fatigue. No matter how much I desperately hoped I wouldn’t feel this way, I’ll admit this final leg of the school holidays is proving a little tough and I am exhausted. Continue Reading…

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My daughter will look something like this having returned from Scotland (Photo credit below).

My eldest daughter has just said something to me. It was a very simple choice of words, but it showed that, every now and again, I need to rethink my priorities.

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I call this image “Somebody trying to do the correct thing but getting it spectacularly wrong.” Look closely and you’ll see why.

This Baby Change Facility of the Week is a spectacularly poor example. The image was taken in a restaurant in North London. Look closely and you’ll see it is wrong on many levels.

Let me start by saying this facility was laid on in a disabled lavatory. You can’t really see it from the photo, but the change table (which looks like something from the film set of One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest) was directly in front of the door. Quite how someone in a wheelchair was expected to get past, I don’t know.

It would also have been necessary to do a 90 degree turn to get to the lavatory itself. Far from easy with that table in the way.

As you can also see, the table was just left in front of the hand dryer. It sort of left me thinking that a change table had just been flung in the lavatory with no thought whatsoever.

I appreciate that retail space is expensive. I’m never, however, all that comfortable when disabled and baby change facilities are combined. It just makes me feel awkward in cases someone with a greater physical needs the loo.

I give this example one out of ten on the basis that there was a bin and a table. What do you think ‘though, what score would you give it? Please do leave a comment and score below.




This is a picture of my eldest. I just wish I could tell you I took the shot.

Over recent months I’ve found myself getting more and more into photography. I blame the #MySundayPhoto linky for my revived interest in this hobby. I love uploading my own images and seeing what other people have been up to.

You’ll notice I said this is a “revived” interest. Way back through the mists of time, I was quite keen on taking and developing my own images. As a student I was trained in press photography but these were the days of 35mm film. Continue Reading…

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This week’s My Sunday Photo comes courtesy of an early morning visit to a play park. It’s one of those moments I’m really glad I was able to catch. Continue Reading…


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School gates; a daunting site for any stay at home dad.

Just over a year ago my eldest, Helen, started school. I was nervous about this event. It wasn’t just the fact my daughter would need settling into school, but the fact that I would be doing the pick up and collection each day. In other words, as a stay at home dad I would be settling into a predominately female school community. Continue Reading…

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I’ve recently been reading the Not Dressed as Lamb fashion blog written by Catherine Summers. While the fashion tips and imagery Catherine produces are fantastic, these have not been the reasons I’ve been visiting the site. I am not, after all, a woman seeking “occasion appropriate” style tips.

I’ve primarily been reading the blog because Catherine has done something very brave. She’s launched a #fairpayforbloggers campaign and suggested that bloggers, in particular pro-bloggers, should get paid for writing reviews.  Continue Reading…

I am today launching a new, weekly, feature on this blog. Inspired by the reaction to my recent posts about baby change facilities for men, I am going to post pictures of various examples where I find them. You can see the previous posts here and here.

This is a topic that people seem to get really passionate about. Having spotted one of my earlier posts, I was recently interviewed about my experiences on BBC Radio Jersey. It turns out parents on the island are very underwhelmed at the facilities provided for them and so a campaign has been launched to improve what is on offer. I’ve also seen some amazing discussion threads on Mumsnet dedicated to baby change facilities (a staggering 5,020 search results on this subject). Continue Reading…

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A little while ago I tried and tested Rock Face shave butter. It was a positive experience so I was delighted to be asked to try out a number of other items from it’s range of men’s toiletries and grooming products. Here’s what I thought of them. Continue Reading…