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I was trawling through the images on my camera yesterday when I came across this one of Helen and Elizabeth (L-R respectively). I love the look on both their faces and it shows graphically the aftermath of a long country walk during which they couldn’t resist playing in muddy puddles. Continue Reading…

This post was inspired by #theprompt creative writing linky hosted by the Mum Turned Mom blog. The prompt word on this occasion was ‘family’. I have also been inspired by a new blog I have discovered called Two Sentence Short Stories, so have written something in this manner. I hope you like it. Continue Reading…

How do you get your children talking about money and family finances? We try having such discussions with our edlest, but it sometimes a struggle.

Below is a useful infographic produced by specialist coupon website with ideas for encouraging discussions about money with your children. It’s been produced following a round table discussion organised by the company that I attended, with a number of other bloggers, to talk about pocket money. Continue Reading…

stay at home dad

Luckily, Travis Bickle wasn’t really my taxi driver. Pic credit; Columbia Pictures.

Interest in my existence as a stay at home dad sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Just yesterday it came from a taxi driver. In fact “interest” is a huge understatement, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so enthusiastic about the idea.

This guy was driving Toddler Adams and I on a brief excursion. He was quite chatty and we were talking about the usual taxi driver stuff; cars, mechanics and the like. Continue Reading…

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The Aldi WorkZone 101 piece ‘bit set’.

It never ceases to amaze me what you can find on the shelves of Aldi. To help people tackle DIY jobs around the home, the supermarket giant has added an impressive array of tools and workwear. As someone who does a lot of DIY to keep the family home in order, I was very happy to give a couple of the products a try. Continue Reading…

Cotswolds, rural living

This was the kind of view I had from my bedroom window when I was growing up. Pic credit below.

I sometimes watch my children playing and feel sad they’ll never experience many of the things I did when growing up. I experienced rural living and the relative freedom of the countryside whereas my kids are living a restrictive, suburban existence.

Needless to say, they regularly get taken out to the park or to the countryside near where we live, but it just isn’t the same. When we’re at home, their existence is largely confined to the house and garden. Continue Reading…

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This image was taken in Brighton last Sunday. As you can see, both my girls were mesmerised as the waves came crashing into the beach. It was a very windy day and so they were coming in with incredible force, more so than I’ve ever seen in Brighton before.

We hadn’t actually been intending to go to Brighton. Mrs Adams had to return to Scotland for a couple of days and so I had the kids on my own. To keep them entertained, I decided to take them to Hever Castle, where we have annual membership. Alas, we turned up to discover it was closed!

I was about to turn round and head off home, but looked into the back seat at their little faces and just couldn’t it. On a whim, I decided we’d head to the coast. It was cold, windy and occasionally wet but we had great fun walking along the seafront, visiting the fishing museum and getting warm in a beachfront café drinking hot milk.



Shortly before Christmas I vowed to take part in the Worx DIY Xmas challenge. The power tool manufacture was encouraging parents to make at least one present for their children and I was only too happy to oblige by making a pair of stilts.

At the time I promised I’d write a follow-up post to let you know how I got on. Here we are, it’s time for the big reveal. Continue Reading…

A short story inpsired by #ThePrompt linky hosted by the Mum Turned Mom blog. On this occasion the prompt word was ‘focus’. Please click on the badge at the end to see contributions from other bloggers.

Sat at the café table sipping Jupiler beer, Nick looked like any other tourist in Nice. He was staring intently at a tablet computer, occasionally jabbing at an icon. It looked like Nick was reading an ebook. He was, in fact, using the tablet to control a drone flying above the hills overlooking the city.

Nick was a paparazzi photographer. Continue Reading…

Charles de Gaulle, cheese, fussy eater

I’m not sure Charles de Gaulle was thinking of ‘Laughing Cow’ when he made his comment about cheese. Pic credit below.

Former French president and World War II leader Charles de Gaulle was once quoted as saying; “How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?” I’m not interested in governing a nation, but I am interested in cheese or, more precisely, how to get my six year old daughter eating it.

Like most kids she is fussy about some kids of food. We don’t struggle too much with fruit. Vegetables can be a challenge but we’re usually on solid ground with broccoli, peas and carrots. Continue Reading…