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That’ll be me, with spanner and baby bottle, with some of the Retire Savvy team. Will you join our revloution?

I have a question for mums and dads that may be reading this, especially those that have young children. Do you ever take a moment out form your hectic life to think about retirement?

It’s a subject I think us parents can be guilty of ignoring. We’re so busy dealing with the kids, paying for childcare, paying mortgages and so on that pensions and retirement are ignored. In fact, just the other day a mum at the school gates remarked to me that she was “too young to think about pensions.” Continue Reading…

Is it a bus, a bear or a snugglepuffling? Pic credit below.

Is it a bubs, a bear or a snugglepuffling? Pic credit below.

Like most families, we have a range of nicknames for our two daughters. We always have done.

The other day I heard a mum make an off the cuff remark about the names given to children. It got me wondering where on Earth us parents get these nicknames from? Continue Reading…

All at sea

John Adams —  April 19, 2015 — 23 Comments
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Helen, looking out across the English Channel from our Ferry, the Spirit of France


This picture shows child No1, Helen, looking out to sea from a cross channel ferry. I took it last week when we did a family day trip to Calais.

Helen is young enough to find such sights awe inspiring. I like to think this picture reveals her curiosity and wonder at travelling by sea to a foreign land. Continue Reading…

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Helping to construct our den.

I’m sure I can’t be the only parent who has felt enormous relief at the recent change in weather. The kids have been asking to play in the garden and at the end of the school day I’ve taken the kids to play in the park.

Pictured here is Helen having a marvellous time in our garden. Dig a little deeper, however, and the picture shows much, much more than that! Continue Reading…

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Toddler Adams, who wouldn’t stay still, hence the hand in fornt of her face, testing the Club Lounge deck facilities on P&O’s Spirit of France.

Towards the end of the Easter break I had an idea. Having had a superb day trip to Calais with my eldest daughter last summer, I thought we should return. This time, however, Mrs Adams and Toddler Adams would come along, as would our very good friend Howard and his daughter Lottie.

Unlike the former trip, this wasn’t to be educational or cultural. We wouldn’t take in the famous Phare du Calais (Calais lighthouse), the beach or the Hotel de Ville. Continue Reading…

Samsung Galaxy s6, 3, Three

The Samsung Galaxy S6 unwrapped and ready for set up.

Samsung has just launched a new series of mobile phones; the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. When asked by the network provider 3 if I’d care to try out the S6, I just had to say yes.

A year ago I was all about Apple. My iPhone and iPad were completely synced and the family all knew how the technology worked. A few months ago, however, I was introduced to the Galaxy Tab S tablet. Strictly speaking it’s my brother’s device, but I have it on a permanent loan. Continue Reading…


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Whether a blessing or a curse, our credit worthiness is always being scored. Pic credit below.


Like most people, I’d heard horror stories about individuals having trouble getting a mortgage for a family home or finance to buy a bigger family car. I’ve also known quite a few people that have taken out an Individual Voluntary Arangement (IVA) to clear debts they could no longer manage.

One of the things that worries me most is how the present generation of students studying in England will fair. These kids are leaving higher education with the most enormous debts and I fear for my own daughters, should they study an English establishment. Continue Reading…

Below is a guest post from Alison McGovern, the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Children and Families and MP for Wirral South. In the post, the Shadow Minister outlines various polices Labour would implement to improve family life. This includes improved paternity leave, increased childcare and capped school places.

This is the second of several features from various political parties I plan to publish on the run up to the General Election. The first post I published was from the Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister Jo Swinson and can be read here.

Alison McGovern

Alison McGovern, Labour Shadow Minister for Children and Families.

Continue Reading…

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Blink and you may have missed the news, but during the Easter break shared parental leave, something I’ve written about many a time, officially came into force. In other words, the old, inflexible paternity and maternity leave systems have been consigned to history. Under the new rules, mums and dads (or dads and dads and mums and mums) can share a year’s worth of parental leave following the arrival of a new child.

At risk of repeating myself, this is not a revolutionary step, it’s evolutionary. It acknowledges that fathers often wish to be actively involved in the earliest stages of a child’s life. Just as importantly, it provides much more flexibility should there be health problems with mother or baby or issues settling in an adopted child. Continue Reading…

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Over recent weeks I’ve seen loads of people participating in #MySundayPhoto and publishing awesome images of flowers. I felt I just had to give it a go myself with this daffodil picture. Continue Reading…