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This is NOT the bed Toddler Adams sleeps in. Pic credit below.

Toddler Adams has reached a significant milestone. As her third birthday draws ever closer, we crossed the Rubicon and removed the sides to her cot. Yes, she now sleeps in a “big girl’s bed”.

Okay, we could have done it when she was a bit younger. We chose not to because of a mistake we made with her older sister, although more about that in a moment. Continue Reading…

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It won’t be that long until these gates are flung open bringing relief to many parents. Pic credit below.

We have just a few days left of the school summer holiday. If your household is like mine, you’re making preparations for the moment your kids return to school and getting ready for the demands, but certainty, of the term time routine.

If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably got a head full of ideas but had no time to write the posts / record the vlogs etc. If you do blog and managed to keep going over the summer holidays, you deserve a medal! Continue Reading…

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Left to right; Old Street Barber Co argan beard oil, Sawmill from Bedfordshire Beard Company and Cuban blend beard oil from The Bluebeards Revenge.

Having recently had a fantastic experience trying out The Old Street Barber Co’s peppermint and lemon peel beard oil, I thought I’d see what else was on the market for the gentlemen with facial hair. Over recent weeks I’ve been using three other oils, each of them very different (regular readers may be aware that I had to remove my beard a few days ago but it is now returning).
Continue Reading…

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Does this stereotype of masculinity still hold true? Pic credit below.

If masculinity is in crisis, what needs to change; men or society? I am one of several speakers who will attempt to answer this daunting question in just six minutes at a book launch in September. Continue Reading…

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National Debtline offers some ideas to help you keep those back to school costs under control. Pic credit below.

National Debtline is a charity offering free, independent and confidential debt advice. In this guest post, debt adviser Laura Mostaghimi looks at how parents can save money at this expensive time of year, and where to go if you are struggling to cope. Continue Reading…

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Coolant is just one thing to check before embarking on a long journey.

With family up in Scotland, we regularly find ourselves driving from Southern England up to Glasgow. With flight and train tickets so expensive, the car is our usual mode of transport and seemingly the UK’s favourite method of getting from A to B. It certainly makes sense if your destination is relatively remote with no regular public transport links. Continue Reading…

Last week I published this blog post about ways you can tell I’m a stay at home dad (SAHD). While researching the piece (I use the term researching loosely), I discovered that Brad Pitt takes the reigns at home when Angelina Jolie is off filming and vice versa.

My mind began to wonder; are there any other exceedingly famous men who are their kids’ main carer? Continue Reading…

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I see this pile of toys and I want to show no mercy and get rid of them. What would you do? Pic credit below.


I have a question: how do you go about clearing your children’s old toys out of the family home? Do you sit down and go through the collection one by one, collectively deciding what should be passed on to someone else, or do you do it on the sly and remove items when your kids aren’t looking? Continue Reading…

Free as a bird

John Adams —  August 23, 2015 — 13 Comments

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This slightly grainy image was taken aboard a cross channel ferry the other day. Mrs Adams, the kids and I plus a couple of friends went over to Calais for the day, an event that has become something of a school holiday tradition (see also this post).

On the return crossing, this seagull flew alongside the ferry for miles and miles, eventually settling down and taking refuge on the car deck. It seemed to be attracted by people on the outside deck who were eating food. Continue Reading…

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A bottle of Acqua di Genova Eau de Cologne. Do you know the difference betwene Eau de Cologne and aftershave?

Gazing in the shop at an array of peculiarly diverse bottles all containing different scents and male grooming products can be pretty confusing, and many men grab the first familiar bottle they see to try the scent and if they’re lucky, find the right one for them. However, there’s a lot more to choosing a male fragrance than simply trying the scent, and one important difference is whether to choose Eau de Cologne or Aftershave. Thought they were one and the same thing? You’re not alone, but knowing the difference can open up a whole new world of choice for you, and depending on your skin type, activity level and preference, may help you choose a signature scent that works well for you. Continue Reading…