My fear of backpacking

John Adams —  November 24, 2014 — 2 Comments
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That’s me with braided hair on some backpacking adventure in the 1990s. I wouldn’t trust my daughters with a man looking this.

I have a fear about my children’s future. It’s a perfectly rational fear based on personal experience. Essentially I am worried my kids will want to go backpacking one day.

I wasn’t too bothered about this until I saw a video on the BBC website a while ago. It was of an Australian backpacker who did a bungee jump in Zambia.

As luck would have it the rope snapped, sending her head first into the crocodile infested waters of the Zambezi river below. Luckily she only received minor injuries but the footage really is quite something to watch. Continue Reading…

Review; Kitbrix sports bag

John Adams —  November 24, 2014 — Leave a comment
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The Kitbrix sports bag

My youngest daughter has an obsession with bags; handbags, cotton shopping bags, her older sister’s school bags, whatever, she just loves them. It was no different when this Kitbrix sports bag arrived. She pointed straight it and helpfully remarked “bag, daddy.”

I can see why she was so interested in it. This is an eye catching product, even if not aesthetically pleasing. This is an important point to make; this bag is made to be practical not beautiful It’s for those moments when you’re going to the sports field or the park with the kids and you need to pack sports equipment, clothes, shoes, snacks and so on.

I took one look at this and thought it would also be ideal for my rare inline skating adventures. It’s the right size for a pair of line skates and all the pads (yes, that was an admission, I love inline skating).

Here are some of the Kitbrix’s features;

  • Made from a wipe clean tarpaulin (good if you’re visiting muddy sports fields)
  • Can be used as a holdall, rucksack or shoulder bag
  • External webbed pockets for items you need in a hurry
  • Water proof internal pockets
  • Rigid bottom providing strength and
  • Clear internal pocket for mobile phone etc.

The unique selling point of this product comes from the brix part of the name. The bag comes with external zips so you can zip several of them together, rather like bricks in a brick wall. This could be very useful if you have different bags for different kids or are maybe catching a flight and want to check everything in together. It’s a testament to the fact it was designed by former military officer Robert Aldous who knows a thing or two about arriving at destinations and having to ensure kit is not lost or misplaced.

Kitbrix, sports bag

The Kitbrix, ready to accompany us to the swimming pool.

Over the past weekend we’ve used the bag to accompany us on a trip swimming and on a playdate. I’m a fan, I think it’s hardwearing and that we’ll get a lot of use out of it. If you’re into sports or need something like this to transport your kids sports gear then the Kitbrix could be for you.

One of these bags will set you back £39.99. Available from the Kitbrix website.



London, London Blackfriars, the Shard, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge

Looking out East across London from Blackfriars station. #MySundayPhoto

This image was taken from London Blackfriars Station when I was returning from a meeting with a rather significant politician the other day. The trains were running a bit late and as I waited I spotted this view and thought it was too good a sight not to snap.

For those that aren’t too familiar with London, that’s the Shard on the right and 20 Fenchurch Street, known as the Walkie Talkie on the left. Just to the right of centre you can make out Tower Bridge and to the left of that are the office buildings of Canary Wharf. I would go on, but this will get very boring! Continue Reading…

data recovery

As a blogger, one of my biggest fears is losing all the data that goes into my blog. I’m not just talking about all the stuff I’ve written.

A huge amount of data goes into a blog and it can be stored on all manner of devices. You have the blog posts themselves, and then you have the photos that can be stored on a camera, mobile phone or some other device. There will be graphics, video footage and possibly even audio. Continue Reading…

Celebrating the stay at home dad

John Adams —  November 21, 2014 — 1 Comment
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With two kids frequently demanding to be carried, I know how this guy feels. Pic credit below.

Did you know Wednesday was International Men’s Day? If you’re one of the 0.5% of the population that was aware of this fact then I salute you for being so switched on. Unfortunately it doesn’t attract quite the same attention as International Women’s Day.

The theme of this year’s event was working together and I’ve spent the past couple of days pondering this. It really got me thinking hard and I feel the need to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of the stay at home dad (SAHD). Continue Reading…

Nick Clegg, parental leave, Deloitte, deputy prime minister

L-R Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, John Adams, Dadbloguk. Yes, I did feel embarrassed after to have this picture taken, but it just had to be done.

The other day I received a slightly cryptic email. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg would be giving a briefing at the headquarters of professional services giant Deloitte. He would also be speaking to parents working for Deloitte and the event would be used as an opportunity to call on businesses to implement family friendly, flexible working practices. Would I be interested in hearing what Clegg had to say?

Having followed the introduction of shared parental leave very closely, I was indeed keen to hear what would be said. I was also delighted to hear a politician of Clegg’s senior rank calling on employers to think about this issue.

Once I’d got the school run out of the way, I headed straight off to Central London on Monday morning. I agreed not to write anything until today because Clegg is taking part in a further event with the Confederation of British Industry and Mumsnet that will also highlight family friendly working practices and issues surrounding paternity leave. Continue Reading…

Let’s end going home alone

John Adams —  November 18, 2014 — 2 Comments

With two young children, I frequently write about issues affecting the younger element of society. It makes a refreshing change, therefore, to write about an issue affecting older people, namely the Royal Voluntary Service’s ‘Let’s End Going Home Alone’ campaign.

It’s a very simple campaign. It exists to highlight the lack of support available for those in their senior years that are discharged from hospital. The infographic below goes into more detail. Continue Reading…

carbon monoxide poisoning, Corgi HomePlan, family safety

According to central heating specialist CORGI HomePlan, it’s a critical time of year for central heating systems. Having been left dormant for much of the summer, people across the land will switch their central heating systems back on in the hope everything works fine. Without a carbon monoxide tester, this runs the risk of poisoning the family as the boiler may have picked up a fault while switched off.

It turns out that 200 people are admitted to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning and around 40 die as a result. Young children and those in their senior years are most at risk.  Continue Reading…

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The collection of odd socks I recently threw out.

Socks have been a semi regular issue for this family. If mine aren’t going missing, the kids are.

For some reason, Toddler Adams had it worst of all. Some mornings I would struggle to get a pair together for her.

In fact missing socks could sometimes be a source of major stress, especially if I couldn’t get pair together on a week day. I’d have the eldest all ready to head out the door to school at 8am. Little sister, meanwhile, would be just about ready. She’d be dressed and ready save for socks and shoes. I’d look at her sock collection and find myself staring at a random assortment of socks, all of them different colours and styles but none of them matching. Continue Reading…

With a Christmas party planned for later in December, I’ve been thinking about decorating the house properly. An old housemate of mine used to decorate her room with net lights and the effect was marvellous so I thought I’d try and replicate this at home.

In fairness, I should probably have paid a little more attention to how large this product is. At three metres by three metres is it absolutely ginormous! If you’re looking to decorate the exterior of your house or a large space such as a barn or village hall then these lights would be ideal.

Christmas lights, Christmas decorations,

Pictured here is a string of LED lights. The product I tested was a net but was far too large to photograph! This gives you some idea about the look of the product and what the lights look like.

Continue Reading…