Love All Dads Awards 2014

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It seems to have come around very quickly, but the Love All Dads Awards are back again and nominations are open. The question is, who are you going to vote for?

The inaugural awards took place last year. The aim was to showcase the best of dad bloggers and the winners included a fine array of manhood; Ricky Willis of Skint Dad, Mark Richards of Best Dad I Can Be, Jonathan Ervine of Dads The Way Like It and Kip Hakes of Continue Reading…

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I know how this man feels. It was not easy being a full-time working dad.

Something that’s always baffled me is talk of women trying to “have it all.” I recognise there’s plenty of evidence suggesting women continue to take responsibility for the majority of the housework and childcare in most relationships. Despite this I’ve never felt there’s enough recognition of those men who are involved fathers are also struggle to “have it all.” Continue Reading…

My Sunday Photo 16/9/2014

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My Sunday Photo 14/9/2014 My eldest gets to grips with her bike #MySundayPhoto

After far too much time talking about it, I got around to buying Helen, my eldest daughter, a new bike the other day. This picture was taken as she took it for a spin for the first time.

I have to be honest and say the image was a hurriedly taken snap. I tried to put all the knowledge I’ve learned on my online photography course to good use, but the battery light on the camera was flashing. I knew I had limited time so quickly got Helen to pose. In the end I managed to take this one image but that was it, the battery expired and the camera switched itself off. Continue Reading…

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The Hardwall Takker

The invitation to review the Hardwall Takker arrived the very week that I needed to hang two items on the wall of my daughter’s bedroom. In other words, the timing was perfect.

When a picture needs hanging, I rarely rush to do it, simply because almost every wall in the house supports the main structure so they’re all made of solid brickwork. You can’t just grab a hammer, locate a timber upright and knock in a picture hook. You have to get the drill out, mark the wall, make the hole and tidy up afterwards etc. Continue Reading…

I am not a househusband

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That’s my wife, on the right with the net curtains.

For the first time in my life I have been called a “househusband”. I found it a horrible experience and it left me feeling enormous sympathy for women who, for generations, have had to tolerate being referred to as housewives.

I’m sure many people are perfectly happy with both phrases. I, however, don’t like the idea. It suggests I’m married to a piece of real estate. Humans marry humans, not houses. Continue Reading…

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After a couple of poor examples, here we have one of the the most impressive baby change facilities I have ever seen. This one comes from Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and the attention to detail is to be applauded. In fact I was so impressed with this room I had to take a panoramic picture (please excuse the picture quality, it isn’t the best). Continue Reading…

Are we nearly there yet?

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What I’m about to say will probably shock you. Despite regularly driving from Southern England to Scotland to visit family, I have never actually heard our children mutter the immortal words; “Are we nearly there yet?” Continue Reading…

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The Smart Turnout ‘London’ watch, as worn by me. (Photo credit: Photography for Parents)

Smart Turnout is a brand I have only recently discovered. It’s a higher-end menswear label that produces very distinctive clothes and accessories.

Although I have had the good fortune to try out Smart Turnout’s autumn / winter clothes range, I’m going to focus on its accessories for this blog post. Accessories are an area the company is paying greater attention to with a broader variety being made available this season. Continue Reading…

My Sunday Photo 7/9/2014

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My Sunday Photo 7 Sept, 2014. Last day of the holidays at Camber Sands. #MySundayPhoto

This week’s My Sunday Photo is a particularly special one. It’s an image I’ve taken as part of the online photography course I’m doing with Photography for Parents (…more about that in a moment). Continue Reading…

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The DadGear Messenger. It is available in black if you aren’t keen on the stripes.

For some reason North Americans seem to excel at producing changing bags designed for men. The DadGear Messenger is the latest US-made change bag to be made available in the UK and it doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve put our usual change bag into semi-retirement while I test this one out. Rest assured it has been given a thorough testing. Continue Reading…