A note from the Queen

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A little while ago, my eldest daughter Helen sent a letter to the Queen, wishing her a happy 90th birthday. Earlier this week, she was sent this card in response (Quick note: for anyone visiting following my win for Best UK Dad Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards, please come back tomorrow as I have a special post planned to mark the occasion!).

Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, royalty
The note Helen received from the Queen. Receiving this note made a young girl very happy indeed.

That little girl was absolutely over the moon. I wish you could all have seen her face on seeing the envelope and pulling out this card. Needless to say, it was very carefully wrapped up and taken to school for ‘show and tell’.

Yes, okay, I am sure Lizzie and her team sent out thousands of these cards. All I thought Helen would get in response would be a letter, not a card with photograph (and let me assure you, the card is exceptionally good quality!). It was a very nice touch and I can’t stress enough how happy it made Helen to receive this.

I made repeated attempts to take a photograph of this card with my Canon camera. None of them quite worked out. The image here was a quick snap taken on my phone. I think it’s proof that camera phones have got incredibly good these days.

I have linked the image to the wonderful #MySundayPhoto linky hosted on the equally wonderful Photalife blog. Click on the link below to visit the linky and see what other bloggers have been up to.



30 thoughts on “A note from the Queen”

  1. Hi John how nice for your daughter. I wouldn’t have expected that either. Got to ask though was it a MoonPig card? They are ever such good quality.


    1. Oh no, this was no Moon Pig card. The card used for it is as hard as steel! It is certainly going to be treasured forever.

    1. Thanks Louise, the win was quite unexpected. To say Helen was excited to receive the card is an understatement. It really made her week.

    1. Thanks Victoria, the win came as quite a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is a wonderful keepsake that’s being guarded very closely.

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