When a tree has low hanging branches, climb it

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Granny has been down from Scotland visiting us for the past few days. On Friday we took her out as it was a glorious day.

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Helen and Izzy climbing trees while on a family day out with granny.

While we were exploring the Surrey countryside, my girls, Helen and Izzy, found a tree with low hanging branches. As children of their age should, they decided to climb up it.

While they took a break from climbing, I took the opportunity to take this picture. I love both the focus of the image and the fact Helen and Izzy look so happy in each other’s company. For me, that’s what makes the image.

As is my habit every Sunday, I have linked this blog post to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the brilliant Photalife blog. Please do click on the link below to check out some marvelous photography from other bloggers.



20 thoughts on “When a tree has low hanging branches, climb it”

    1. Yes, had good fun with granny. That particular day, however, had awesome weather. Ideal for such photos and climbing trees.

    1. Ah yes, the light coming in through the leaves adds to the picture. I had a few other images with light straming through the trees but the expressions on the girl’s faces weren’t quite so flattering.

  1. Lovely photo. My son likes to climb absolutely everything but weirdly, we’ve not done trees yet. I think we need to find one!

    1. Thank you Fiona for your lovely comment. I’m v big on tree climbing. I did it and fully expect my offspring to as well.

    1. Tell me about it Darren. They’re growing up at terrifying speed. And look at your eldest, going off for the night on her own with Brownies.

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