Bluebell: an attempt at flower photography

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We made the most of the Bank Holiday weekend yesterday and visited a nearby wood that was full of bluebells. While Izzy and Helen were running around under the watchful eye of Mrs Adams, I tried to snap some images of the flowers themselves.

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When my attempts at landscape photography didn’t quite work out, I took this image on a bluebell instead.

I don’t always find landscape photography very easy. What looks stunning to the naked eye often looks a bit meh in a photograph.

Despite repeated attempts to snap the beautiful blanket of bluebells on the ground, I just wasn’t happy. Instead I picked out a nice-looking flower and took several images with a tight aperture.

This was one of the resulting shots. I like the tight focus and the contrast of the purple on the green background. I also think flowers make the most amazing photographic subjects.

As is my habit on a Sunday, I have linked this post to the brilliant #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the equally brilliant Photalife.com blog. If you like photography, I encourage you to click on the badge below.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Easter. However you are marking the occasion, I wish you all the very best.




32 thoughts on “Bluebell: an attempt at flower photography”

    1. Thanks Cathy. Bluebells do brighten up the landscape don’t they? Hope you had a good Easter break and belated Easter wishes to you also.

    1. Landscape pics are very, very difficult in my opinion. Just keep on snapping Sarah. Or buy a drone. That’s the drastic action I’ve just taken!

    1. You didn’t see a single bluebell? Wow, we’re swimming in them over here! I’ll send some down to you.

    1. Belated Easter wishes to you Victoria. I think the ‘meh’ effect is probably enhanced now we’re all using digital cameras and can rattle off pics without thinking too much about it.

    1. Landscape photography can be very tricky can’t it? I often think you’re better off buying the postcard! Thanks for your kid words about the bluebell shot.

    1. Thanks, glad you like them. It is tricky to picture them in a way that shows them off in all their beauty.

  1. Wow, if all your attempts come out this great, you won’t have anything to worry about! Interestingly, hubby also likes to make shots of dainty flowers. Happy Easter!

    1. Belated easter wishes to you also. I wish all my pictures came out like this, but I fear they don’t! Thanks for commenting and you can tell your husband he will find one or two other images of flowers on my blog if he looks.

  2. Sophia, MilkDrunkDiary.com

    Trying to capture a pretty landscape definitely has its challenges! I love a bluebell though, also a fan of wisteria.

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