A riverside scene in early spring

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Here’s a photograph I took while on a recent riverside walk with my daughter, Helen. I was captivated by the rural landscape and so I fired off a few images, this being one of my favourites.

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It may look like this image was taken on a dank, misty, late-winter day but that’s not the case at all.

You could be forgiven for thinking this picture of a riverside scene was taken on a dank, foggy day. It looks very misty in the background and there are no big shadows suggesting it was sunny.

In fact this picture was taken on a gloriously sunny day. It was the sort of day that made you realise spring is on its way. The one giveaway to the weather is the reflection of the sunlight in the water.

I wanted to share this image because I thought it demonstrated a fantastic trick of the light (or editing trick, depending on your opinion). All I’ve done is flip the original to black and white. The original was in stunning colour and didn’t look remotely misty.

I’ve linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the brilliant @Photalife blog. Do click on the badge below and visit the linky if you have a chance, it’s well worth visiting if you like photography.




26 thoughts on “A riverside scene in early spring”

  1. I love how black and white can really change the mood of a photo. It just completely takes so much of the “noise” away doesnt it? It’s a fab moody kind of effect.

    1. Isee what you mean, you it takes the mood away. It looses all vibrancy. What drew me to the take a pic was the landscape so it was fascinating to see how it changed with the colour stripped out.

  2. That’s really interesting! I looked at this photo and the first thing I thought was ‘that doesn’t look very spring-like!’. So clearly I was wrong. I’m loving the spring weather over the last few days.

    1. Without any daffodils or snowdrops etc, I can see why you would think that. Trust me though, it was a spring day!

  3. Hi John, I do like what you’ve done with the photo. I would have had no idea that it was a lovely spring day, I thought the reflection in the river was cloud reflection. In fact, it reminded me of walking to school on a cold winters day.


    1. Oh I am so glad it reminded you of something! But no clouds reflected in the water, it was glorious sun! Hardly any clouds in the sky at all that day.

    1. Yeah, I was initially drawn in to the beauty of the landscape. It was only later I tinkered with the image.

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