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Jeep Renegade; a good family car?

When on the school run, I’m often surprised at the number of off-road vehicles I see. There is increasing demand from families citing safety as the reason they wish to ferry their kids around in a 4X4. With this in mind, I was delighted when asked if I would like to test drive a Jeep

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Trying out the Joie ‘every stage’ car seat

You know those items used every day without really thinking about them? Well, I think a child’s car seat has to be one of them. You strap your child (or children) into them every day, possibly more than once a day, without giving it too much thought. Unexpectedly your offspring will make a remark that

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In-car technology through the years

When I think of in-car technology, I think of seat-back DVD players that I jealously see in family cars. Why jealously? Well, because our car doesn’t have anything like this and I think it would be superb for keeping our children entertained on long journeys. Long journeys, by the way, are something we’re quite experienced

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Some ‘parent and child’ car parking fun

Parent and child parking is such a contentious issue. With two young children, I find it genuinely useful to park in a space with that bit of extra room so I can lift my offspring in and out of their seats. Like most parent’s, however, I find the parent and child bays are all too

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