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Legal & General #MoneyHangout, director’s cut

I recently took part in a Google+ hangout that was organised by financial services giant Legal & General. It was the first in a series of hangouts aimed at discussing personal finance issues and giving guidance to individuals across a range of life stages. The event was chaired by Legal & General’s chief executive Nigel

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Innovation at Visa and teaching my children about money

One of my kids’ favourite toys is a cash register. In addition to a tray for cash payments, it also has a pretend machine for taking card payments. One of the things I find staggering is that my two daughters think nothing of taking card payments when playing shop keepers. They’ve seen mummy and daddy

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Saving and investing for our children

Saving for your children’s future is no easy task. Budgeting and setting money aside was a constant theme during the recent Legal & General #MoneyHangout I participated in. I’ve written in the past about the pressures my wife and I feel under to save for the kids. The magical figure I came up with to

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Natwest debt calculator. How much do you owe?

Have you ever wondered how long it might take you to pay off your debts? Maybe you owe money on credit cards, have a mortgage on the family home or other loans? If you are looking to clear these debts or want to get a monthly plan in place, help is at hand from Natwest.

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Legal & General family finance #MoneyHangout

  Do you have any questions about family finances? Would you like to put them direct to a panel of experts including Nigel Wilson, chief executive of financial services giant Legal & General? Better still, would you like a £50 shopping voucher for your troubles? If so, here’s your chance. A couple of weeks ago

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