Moving house; it’s better done together

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Moving house as a family is never easy. I think my most memorable house move was to our present family home after which I vowed never to move again.

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I don’t ever recall the house moving process making me this happy, but having home insurance cover in place will reduce the stress. Pic credit below.

Why was it such a big deal? It wasn’t so much the move itself, but the fact it was the third house move in 18 months. During that period, our eldest daughter, Helen, was also born. As you can appreciate, it was a hectic time to say the least.

There are a few tips I would give anyone moving house. Firstly, ensure that you have appropriate insurance in place.

When we took possession of our new family home, we were living in a rented house a short distance away. We ensured there was an overlap so we could get some building and decoration work done. If you have children and can afford to rent one house while preparing the new one, do it. This was probably the best decision we made as it saved us a lot of stress.

Our rented home was insured. Even so, there was, I seem to recall, a brief period when we didn’t have home insurance for our new property. This situation was far from ideal when the house was obviously vacant.

While there wasn’t much inside to steal, it would have created an awful lot of hassle. If the property had caught fire or been struck by lightning, well, goodness knows how we’d have paid for repairs.

The other piece of advice I have when moving is to mark every single box very clearly. Several boxes got put to one side in our garage and they were left, unopened. They stayed there for years until I hired a skip towards the end of 2015. I had a cursory glance through them and then, bam, into the skip they went!

Believe it or not, we didn’t find moving with our daughter too problematic. My mother was able to come and keep her entertained for a day and this helped enormously. If you can call on friends or neighbours for support, it’ll make things go more smoothly.

The thought of moving house now makes me want to lie down. This is because we have two children, one of them at school. Having a larger family with different needs would make it much more difficult.

Although I like to live frugally, there’s also no doubting we have more possessions because of the diverse needs of the family. This makes home insurance all the more important.

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Pic credit: Meathead Movers.

Disclsoure; this post was produced in association with Together Mutual.

21 thoughts on “Moving house; it’s better done together”

  1. Some good tips here, thanks for sharing! I also swore never to move again after my last move, but unfortunately I’m still a renter so its inevitable that it will happen again!

  2. This is a lovely post. Not only is it uplifting and positive but informative as well. The importance of ensuring that you have appropriate insurance put in place cannot be emphasised. When buying a new property it is also really important to get a roof inspection done, if the roof hasn’t been inspected by the previous owners. This will just stop any hidden problems becoming extra expenses further down the line. There are so many things to consider when moving house, but of course it is well worth it. Best of luck with everything.

  3. Thanks for writing. Nothing is more stressful and hectic than a last minute move. While items like clothing and sturdy furniture can be easily packed and transported, moving fragile items requires professional services.

  4. Impressive blog! About a week before you move, do a massive clothing/bedding/bric-a-brac clearout, and be bloody ruthless. Keep one Christmas card from your granny, as opposed to 30. It may not feel like it, but once you start looking, you will come away with at least 16 bags of things that are no longer of use to you, but could come in very handy indeed for your local charity shop.

  5. Love this blog from your perspective John, really resonates with us as a removals company. We see and go through a lot. Keep sharing! – Nath, Falconer Removals

  6. Great post indeed, I loved to read it as it provides all the necessary details of what I was searching for. Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get these tips from you.

  7. Moving is not an easy process. Most of the very difficult work is moving packing. Packing is really very important and stressful work. It’s really very helpful blog. Thanks for sharing interesting info.

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