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Avoid the tax return rush before 31 January 2015

In her latest post for Dadbloguk, Standard Life family finance expert and MoneyPlus blogger Julie Hutchison talks tax returns. It’s an issue that causes me a lot of pain and I’m sure many readers will relate to this! Do you want to avoid joining the 23,000 people who last year filed their tax return online

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£50 giveaway with online piggy bank Qwiddle!

If I told you I knew of an online piggy bank for children that taught them about money management AND that could improve their behaviour would you be interested? If you still need a bit of persuasion, what if I told you readers of Dadbloguk have the chance of winning a £50 payment if they

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What is your Retirement DNA?

I have long held the belief that pensions and retirement planning are sexy. They may sound like boring subjects, but failing to plan for retirement can land you in serious trouble in later life. This may make me sound incredibly dull, but I get very excited when discussing equities, annuities and the pros and cons

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Guest post; Seeing is believing

In a very exciting development, I’m delighted to reveal that family finance expert Julie Hutchison will be contributing to Dadbloguk on a regular basis. In the first of her regular posts, Julie, who works for long term savings and investment specialist Standard Life, tackles the issue of online money management systems and how families can

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