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Dollar Shave Club; A part of my morning routine

Mornings are always a busy time in our household. I think it’s the same in most families with young children. I will, however, always take the time to ensure I am well-groomed and presentable.

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Looking unkempt and in need of a shave during the usually chaotic morning routine.

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On holiday with Original and Unrestored

In many respects, the phrase Original and Unrestored is a superb name for a clothing brand.

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The Original and Unrestored arch logo hoodie, as seen from behind. You can tell it was made by Original and Unrestored, right?

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Around Melbourne 2: In Style

My recent trip to Melbourne gave me the prefect excuse to give my wardrobe a little update. As South Eastern Australia had been experiencing a heatwave, it wasn’t so much an excuse as a necessity to get some summer items.

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Enjoying the early morning sun in Melbourne.

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Summer skincare tips for guys

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Despite being male, I’ve written about my skincare regime many a time. It’s not over the top; merely cleansing and moisturising with a bit of exfoliation from time to time, the latter being essential because us guys grow facial hair. During the summer months, however, skin requires some special care.  In this guest post, Louise Marchesin of Skinade provides some tips as to what us guys should be doing to look after our skin at this time of year.

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Skin is the human body’s largest organ so it should be looked after. Here are some tips as to what guys can do.

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#OOTD from House of Fraser

Here I am, lazing, on the ground in our garden. I was taking it easy having spent some considerable time clearing up after a barbecue we held at the weekend.

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Here I am, lazing in the garden after an afternoon spent clearing up after a great barbecue.

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