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Summer skincare for men

It’s no secret I am big on grooming, moisturiser and men’s skincare. Some men aren’t…but I am! As the sun’s come out, I’ve found myself spending hours each day outside with the kids and my skincare regime has totally changed as a result. I’m using moisturisers with SPF, moisturising body washes, body lotion and other

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Growing a beard vlog, part one

Throughout June I’ve been growing a beard in support of The Lullaby Trust (for more information, please follow this link). The campaign has come to an end, but so many people have commented on my beard I thought I would record a vlog about it. This is the first in a short series of vlogs

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Review; No7 Men anti-ageing serum

No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum is a product with a long name that makes big promises. It claims that after two weeks it can make you look younger and that skin texture will be improved. I gave it a shot, and here’s what I thought. First of all, this is a serum

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Men’s shirts from Savile Row Company

A few weeks back I was taking stock of my wardrobe. It was a hot day and I could tell I would need some further clothes for summer. As luck would have it, I then received an email from the Savile Row Company. Would I care to take a look at its range of casual

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Review of The Crate Co. (plus reader offer!)

The Crate Co. is one of the latest male grooming subscription services to enter this increasingly popular market. Offered the chance to test the service myself, and to give my readers access to a great money off deal, I answered in the affirmative. Any other response would simply have been rude, yes?

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