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Men’s style; LAB Series skincare

  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out a couple of products from the LAB Series skincare range. One was a moisturiser the other, in deference to the weather, was a lip balm. Here’s how I got on.

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Men’s style; 90:10 clothing review

A relatively new label, 90:10 is a men’s clothing label aimed at men who accept they are grown up, but still want to have some fun. The clothes in the range reflects this. These are casual items; hooded tops, sweat shirts, tee shirts and polo shirts. The inspiration for the label came when the founder,

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Stylish accessories from Lombres

Lombres describes itself as a specialist wallet retailer, although it sells a number of other accessories including passport holders, card holders and phone cases. The company goes to great lengths to source its products, which are high-end and high quality. With Christmas on the horizon, it’s the type of place to go present shopping for

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Men’s style; Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer

The Hydro 5 Groomer is a new product from Wilkinson Sword. It is far more than just a razor. It has been designed to trim stubble, shave stubble, edge facial hair styles and sideburns and also hydrate the skin. It promises a lot. How does it actually perform?

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Celio* An Englishman in Paris

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a big fan of French men’s fashion chain Celio*. Having written about my experiences of shopping with the brand, I was recently invited to Paris so I could appear in a film the company was producing. At long last, I can show you the video!

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