Summer skincare for men

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It’s no secret I am big on grooming, moisturiser and men’s skincare. Some men aren’t…but I am!

As the sun’s come out, I’ve found myself spending hours each day outside with the kids and my skincare regime has totally changed as a result. I’m using moisturisers with SPF, moisturising body washes, body lotion and other products more in tune with the season.

In this vlog, I share what I’ve been doing. It features some great products from L’Occitane, Dove Men Care and Bulldog Skincare for men.

I hope you enjoy the film. My next vlog has already been recorded and will be the second in my series about maintaining a beard. If there is anything you’d particularly like me to focus on in future vlogs, please leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

One final word, if you like this vlog you may also like this blog post. In it I test drive a number of guys’ moisturisters, all of which contain SPF.

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24 thoughts on “Summer skincare for men”

  1. I think it’s so great that you look after yourself in this way John! I wish my other half would too. You are going to look 30 when we the other daddys look 70 haha. Thanks for linking up to #wineandboobs.

    1. Thanks Talya. Skincare is my thing because I want to look after myself, pure and simple. I don’t think women should have all the fun! DOn’t, however, come anywhere near me with cometics for guys because I will run in the other direction!

  2. I think you’ve got the balance just right, my other half looks after himself but knows there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s not. I’ve told him if I take 15 minutes to get ready he better makes sure he only takes 14 minutes 😉 Great post #brilliantblogposts

    1. Ha ha! Like it. To confirm, my wife always takes longer than me to get ready. I put this down to her applying make up.

  3. Brilliant John, well done on branching out to the vlogging world 🙂 Nice to see a bit more of you… it would have been even nice to properly meet you at Brit Mums but hopefully our paths will cross at some other point #brilliantblogposts

    1. Good luck with that. He should use moisturiser, a huge number of men do but, sadly, refuse to admit it publicly! I’m trying to break that taboo.

  4. Love this John, skincare is huge, upload featured images so a photo as an image for every video you post (Marco at YT advised this to me)-see my channel for insp. You are a natural dude and there’s a huge gap on YT for male skincare but it’s rising! Fab suggestions here. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thanks Vicki. I will get the featured image sorted out. It is on my to do list. Great feedback and glad you like the suggestions.

  5. Brilliant confidence in front of the camera! My you tubing is more cringe worthy 😉 Also great that you look after your skin, there’s nothing unmanly about taking care of yourself and believe me women appreciate when men do

    Stevie #BrilliantBlogPosts

    1. Thanks Stevie. Glad you like it. Also glad to hear a man with a good skincare regime is appreciated. It is, ultimately, a health and well being hitng as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I’m really big on men skin care etc but I’ve recently given up products with palm oil in. Which is a fab decision but limits what you can use. Just need to find something for me to use…not liking this natural thing lol thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  7. Fantastic John, you are a natural on camera very watchable! I am a big fan of L’occitane they are a great brand. We should all look after our skin, it’s so important if we don’t want to end up looking like old leather handbags!

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