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Is that a beard trimmer in your rucksack, or are you just pleased to see me?

Picture the scene. I’m in an airport about to take a long haul flight. I’ve checked in and I’m in a slow moving line approaching the security checks.

I hear a buzzing sound and feel the environment around me shaking. I’m confused and assume a large aircraft is accelerating up the runway. Even so, this strikes me as odd, I shouldn’t be able to feel the vibrations quite so clearly.

Braun, Daniel Johnson, #ArtOfPrecision, beard trimmer

Precise lines and neatly trimmed thanks to celebrity stylist Daniel Johnson.

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Getting my wardrobe ready for summer

men's style, men's fashion, House of Frase, summer wardrobe.

Wearing the classic Lacoste L 12 polo shirt in red and wearing sunglasses in the vain hope the gesture brings sunshine.

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Armed with a haul of new clothes for summer, I had planned to venture outside for a photo shoot.

Just as I was about to, it started raining and I had to make do with shooting these images in my photo studio (IE kitchen). Although I was inside, I couldn’t resist using the sunglasses as a prop in the hope it might encourage the sun to come out. It didn’t but, hey, you have to try. View Post

Out of my comfort zone; beauty treatments for men

Deep pore cleansing mask

That’ll be me, trying out the Montagne Jeunesse ‘deep pore cleansing peel off’. I don’t normally do this stuff, okay??

With this blog post, I am going out of my comfort zone. Yes, I make no secret of the fact I have a fussy grooming and skincare regime.

This means I happily use exfoliants when shaving, will only use the best shaving gear and love a good moisturiser. After all, I only have one set of skin. View Post

Celebrities and dads with great hair

David Beckham, Crown Clinic

David Beckham; great looking hair and a well groomed beard. No wonder he came top of the list of male celebrities with great hair.

My hair has been getting a lot of attention recently. I was recently given a makeover by the guys at the London School of Barbering and just the other day celebrity stylist Daniel Johnson gave me the onceover at an event hosted by Braun.

As a busy stay at home dad with two children (three if you include this blog), it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to my appearance. Even so, I do what I can to remain well-groomed and well dressed. View Post

Beard maintenance with the Great British Grooming Co.

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The Great British Grooming Co. beard oil, balm and thickening serum.

The Great British Grooming Co. produces a range of products apparently designed to look after the “manliest of faces”. It’s an impressive claim to make. Do they live up to this promise? I’ve had a go at using some of the range to find out. View Post