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Men's Style / grooming

Around Melbourne 2: In Style

My recent trip to Melbourne gave me the prefect excuse to give my wardrobe a little update. As South Eastern Australia had been experiencing a heatwave, it wasn’t so much an excuse as a necessity to get some summer items.

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Summer skincare tips for guys

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Despite being male, I’ve written about my skincare regime many a time. It’s not over the top; merely cleansing and moisturising with a bit of exfoliation from time to time, the latter being essential because us guys grow facial hair. During the summer months, however, skin requires some

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#OOTD from House of Fraser

Here I am, lazing, on the ground in our garden. I was taking it easy having spent some considerable time clearing up after a barbecue we held at the weekend.

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Looking stylish in ES Workwear

I make no secret of the fact that I am well into my clothes and male grooming. I would never judge anyone, but I sometimes come across dads who give little thought to their appearance or, worse still, simply get their other half to do all their clothes shopping.

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I put some new shoes on and everything is right

Over recent weeks, when the sun has been shining, I’ve repeatedly put one of my favourite songs on the car stereo; Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes. The song suits sunny weather so well, but the kids have heard it so much it is driving them to distraction! I’m not hugely bothered, I go with the theory

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