Some of my better photographs, often shared via the #MySundayPhoto linky.

An autumn walk that paid well for Helen

“Daddy, I don’t want to go for a walk,” said Izzy. We’d spent most of the day inside either doing domestic chores or at Helen’s gymnastics class. being a beautiful autumn day, I wanted the kids and I to get out and enjoy some fresh air, hence why I insisted we go for a walk. As you can tell from Izzy’s response, she wasn’t so keen on the idea.

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Here’s looking at you kid

Having learned that the secret to getting a good photograph can involve being somewhere at the right time, I paid a visit to the London Borough of Croydon just before sunrise. I had heard about an urban art festival called Rise and thought some of the art that was on display on the streets might look good in the early morning sunlight.

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A striking piece of art on the streets of Croyodn. A part of the RISEfestival or urban art.

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Cobweb and mist

I don’t know about other mums and dads, but I am still putting the house together after six weeks of domestic neglect. While I’m almost on top of things, it has been a busy week and I’ve had little time to venture out with my camera. I took it upon myself to go out shortly after sunrise one morning as it was the only free time available to me. Inspired by something I had seen on Instagram, I had a vague plan to photograph a cobweb covered in dew.

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An image of a cobweb I took on an early walk earlier this week.

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A break in the clouds

Some days ago, I noticed some dramatic cloud formations in the sky. I grabbed my camera, took myself to the top of the house and started taking pictures out of a Velux window. This is one of about 20 images I took and in its physical form, the clouds and this break in the clouds looked incredibly ominous.

break in the clouds, storm clouds, cloud photography, clouds, rain, dramatic clouds, photography, #mysundayphoto, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, uk dad blogger, sahd, stay at home dad

A dramatic cloud formation that precipitated some incredibly heavy rain. I wasn’t convinced this picture was good enough to appear on my blog but Mrs Adams thought otherwise.

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A visit to Techniquest in Cardiff

As the school summer holidays entered their final couple of weeks, I asked the kids if there was anything they particularly wanted to do. The response took me by surprise: “We want to visit Wales.” Earlier this week I took it upon myself to fulfill this slightly surprising wish. Before heading on to Porthcawl for a night, we spent a morning in Cardiff where I took these pictures at Techniquest on Cardiff Bay.

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One of the displays at the Techniquest Science Centre at Cardiff Bay. That’s a ball of air slowly rising in a chamber of viscous oil.

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