Woodland landscape (with bluebells!)

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Woodland landscape (with bluebells!)

“That picture could go an Easter card.” So said Mrs Adams when she looked over my shoulder as I was editing this image of a typical spring, woodland landscape.

woodland landscape with bluebells
A woodland landscape image good enough for an Easter card

It was all the endorsement I needed. In fact, I’m glad Mrs Adams made the comment because I wasn’t too sure whether I should use this image. Despite looking very simple, it was actually quite a demanding photograph to edit and it had taken several attempts to produce something I was happy with.

I’ll let you into the secret (do skip this paragraph if you don’t want the geeky detail!). It’s actually a composite of four images of the same woodland landscape. Each of them was taken using different settings in manual mode and the camera was mounted on a tripod. I put each image on top of the previous one, but I used a technique where I “painted” the image in so you’re only seeing about 60% of the image underneath.

The bluebells (who doesn’t love a bluebell pic at this time of year?) are very eye catching, but I think it’s worth taking a moment or two to take a look at the trees in the background. The green colours are so vibrant and if you look closely, there is some amazing detail.

I could also tell you that I turned up to take the photographs but found I had no SD card in the camera so had to dash off and buy one, but I won’t. That would just make me sound a bit daft wouldn’t it? That said, If you like the image and you want a seasonal, woodland landscape to adorn next year’s Easter card, you know where to come!

As I usually do with my photography posts, I’ve added this to the #MySundayPhoto blog linky. It’s hosted by the Darren Colleshill photography blog and if you follow this link, you can check out photography taken by other bloggers. If you like what you see here, do also take a moment to check out my other photography posts.

14 thoughts on “Woodland landscape (with bluebells!)”

  1. Arh at last the bluebells, which I have missed again this year, sorry but they’re too late for Easter surely. Whoops to the forgotten SD card, something I’ve done myself on more than one occasion. #mysundayphoto

    1. I did wonder about the bluebells being a bit late for Easter but, ya know, it was only a few weeks ago!

    1. They certainly make for good photographs! If you’re a blogger with an interest in photography, there’s an unwritten law you will publish the one image featuring bluebells each year if you’re lucky enough to live near them.

  2. What a pretty scene. It really could go on some sort of card. I wouldn’t have guessed it was made up of 4 different images. How clever. x

    1. Yes indeed, four images. Mrs Adams couldn’t figure out what on Earth I was up to at first as I was editing it!

  3. Cracking image John, I really like it. I’ve never tried blending photos together. I’ve always gone for the merge to grab light and dark from 3 different images.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

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