Some of my better photographs, often shared via the #MySundayPhoto linky.

My Sunday Photo, 4 May 2014


Elizabeth and I reading a book while also acting as guinea pigs for daddy’s latest hobby. #MysundayPhoto

What you see here is possibly a bit misleading. That’s Elizabeth, my youngest, and I reading a book. She’s developed a real love of books and will trot over with one in her hands before crawling into your lap and insisting you read it to her.

I love the look on her face in this image. I’m hoping she’ll always love books and learning as much as she seems to right now.

What you’re actually looking at, however, is an experimental shot I took with my new camera. Keen to improve the quality of images on my blog, I’ve invested in a better camera and a tripod. I was experimenting with the various settings and this image was taken in black and white mode with a timer.

Spending serious money on this equipment has re-ignited an interest in photography. I learned how to use a camera back in the old days on 35mm film. Although I’ve owned digital cameras in the past, I now want to take it more seriously as a hobby. Wish me luck!

Speaking of wishing me luck, I’ve been shortlisted in the Commentary and Campaigns category of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. There are some superb blogs on the shortlist and I would strongly encourage you to vote. If you would consider voting for me, I’d be delighted. Simply follow this link to participate.

Making daisy chains with daddy #MySundayPhoto 6 April, 2014


Making daisy chains with daddy

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One of several daisy chains I made for my daughter. #MySundayPhoto

Every now and again I come across a situation where I feel self-conscious as a parent. Although I like to think of myself as reasonably confident, it comes with the territory when you’re male and the main carer for your kids.

A lot of dads claim they are made to feel uncomfortable when seeing the health visitor or in the school playground. I’ve never had too many problems in these environments. The other day, however, I discovered my Achilles Heel.

I had just picked up my eldest from school and we went to the local park. It was very busy with loads of kids and mums who had all had the same idea. I was the only dad there.

My eldest wanted to make daisy chains. It’s not the first time I’ve done this for her, but being the only dad just made me feel a bit awkward! It didn’t seem like a very “dad” thing to do.

Despite this, I got over my issues and made a few different pieces of jewellery out of daisies. What you see here is a bracelet that Helen was adamant she wanted to wear into town where we had to go shopping immediately afterwards. I’ll also let you into a little secret; I actually felt quite proud of what I had created for her!


#MySundayPhoto 1 December, 2013 #SilentSunday

1 December, 2013 #MySundayPhoto #SilentSunday

1 December, 2013 #MySundayPhoto #SilentSunday