Recipes and cooking

Yes, I cook! As the main carer for my kids, I have to cook for my entire family. Here you will find recipes and blog posts about my cooking adventures taking in healthy foods, baking and everything in-between.

Easy lunchbox empanada recipe

Many years ago, long before I became a father, I spent a little time backpacking in Latin America. During this time, I was introduced to the empanda.

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Izzy helps out as we make empanadas.

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Our ‘snow day’ peanut butter sponge cake recipe

I was recently chatting to a mum I know about some activities I had planned with Helen and Izzy. When I explained I was going to do some baking with them, she called me an “Earth Mother”.

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Here we are, about to bake our peanut butter sponge cake. Yes, this is what I look like after the kids’ school has been closed for four consecutive days.

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Cooling the kids down with a homemade fresh fruit, ice lolly

With the heat having turned deliciously savage, I know I’m not the only parent dealing with kids who are perpetually hot and bothered.

I have a suggestion that will: cool your kids down, give them a treat and help get them closer to eating five a day. The suggestion? A homemade, fresh fruit ice lolly.

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Father and daughter show off the ice lollies they made.

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Mocktails and cocktails for a summer barbecue

My wife asked me a loaded question the other day. She said: “Are we going to have a barbecue this summer?”

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The Juicy Julep mocktail, made with frozen fruit from Iceland.

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Celebrating Pie Week with a Beef Wellington

Congratulations, it is officially Pie Week! To mark the occasion, I have made one of my signature dishes: Beef Wellington.

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A beef wellington I made to celebrate Pie Week.

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