Recipes and cooking

Yes, I cook! As the main carer for my kids, I have to cook for my entire family. Here you will find recipes and blog posts about my cooking adventures taking in healthy foods, baking and everything in-between.

Feeding the family with a slow cooker

slow cooker, diet

The VonShef 6.5l Digital Slow Cooker in all it’s glory.

Over the past few months I’ve been taking steps to improve this family’s diet. Mrs Adams and I start each day with a freshly made fruit drink and sometimes the children join us in having some. I’ve started getting more creative with Helen’s lunchbox and made her meals more diverse.

Something I’d always been keen to try out was a slow cooker. I’m going to be blunt here; my aim was to get maximum nutrition and taste with minimal effort. Would a slow cooker enable me to do this? View Post

A basic, vegetable packed, child friendly tomato sauce

tomato sauce

Dadbloguk tomato sauce requires little more than these ingredients.

I don’t usually write food-related posts but I thought I’d share a homemade child friendly recipe with you. It’s something I made to get our eldest daughter eating fresh vegetables. View Post