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Family finances

Cash back deals with my money pocket #ad

Over recent weeks I have been looking at ways to save money because our utility bills have rocketed up with all four of us being at home during lockdown. The announcement that schools in England would be reopening to all pupils means I’ve got to buy some bits and pieces of PE kit for my

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Tried and tested: Vax Platinum SmartWash #AD

The Vax Platinum SmartWash entered our life at just the right time. We’d been living through Tier 4 and Lockdown No. 3 rules for weeks so had barely left the house. The carpets, especially in the living room, were showing signs of heavy use.

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Reviewed: Jomise K7 dash cam #AD

Rare indeed is the motorist who doesn’t have a dash cam in their car these days. Joining established brands like NextBase and Garmin is Jomise with its K7 dash cam or, to give it its full name, the Jomise K7 1600P 60FPS.

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Family technology

Keeping screen time constructive with Night Zookeeper #AD

Are you struggling to find ways to keep your offspring entertained during lockdown? Do you find yourself battling to get them away from video games and wish they’d do something more constructive? Trust me, you are not alone! One option you might want to try is a creative writing platform called Night Zookeeper. Having been

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ecozone cleaning products
Family Life & parenting

Reviewed: Ecozone cleaning and laundry products #AD

“That smells nice,” said Mrs Adams as she pulled a load of washing out of the washing machine. The smell was courtesy of Radiance fabric conditioner from Ecozone, one of a range of household laundry and cleaning products we’ve been using recently.

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