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#SportForEverybody and the Domyos compact DS bodyweight rack from Decathlon

Sport can be quite a polarising subject. I find that some people love sport, while others abhor physical exercise. The #SportForEveryBody campaign from Decathlon aims to show that sport is just that, for everybody.

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Members of Decathlon’s Blogger Community proving that sport is for everybody.

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Why pay a subscription when you can have Freesat TV?

I looked at the huge pile of ironing and wondered how I was going to take my mind off this dull task. Then I remembered a new series of Doctor Who had recently got underway with Jodie Whittaker playing the first ever female Doctor. I hadn’t watched Doctor Who for the best part of 10 years so hit the power button on the television and Freesat TV set top box and piled through the ironing as The Doctor battled against a bizarre creature with teeth all over its face.

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Creating unicorns with STAEDTLER

I don’t quite understand where the current trend for unicorns comes from, but they are everywhere. Unicorns are on my daughters’ clothes and headbands, school bags and just about everywhere else. Of course you can have a shop-bought unicorn (….kind of) or you can show your creative side and make your own. With a little help from STAEDTLER, this is what Helen and Izzy have had a go at doing.

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There’s nothing like a homemade unicorn. Helen gets to grips with a unicorn-themed FIMO form and play kit from STAEDTLER.

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Making my own aftershave with The Perfume Studio

I do love a good scent. It’s all very well liking aftershave, but could I create my own scent at home? With the help of The Perfume Studio, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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The Perfume Studio ‘Design your own fragrance’ kit. It’s all very well liking a good fragrance, but could I create my own?

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Pouring the perfect pint of Ember Inns pale ale

I’ve been set numerous challenges during my life. Most have involved studying or passing exams or some kind of sporting feat. None of the challenges I’ve been set, however, have been as appealing as attempting to pour the perfect pint.

Could I pour the perfect pint at the White Lion pub? Also, do I make for a good Danny Dyer?

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