Enjoy some Twickenham hospitality

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Twickenham stadium: Where else to enjoy great hospitality while watching the Quilter Internationals? Pic credit: Daniel Barbary.

Every now and again, we attend large sporting events as a family. If the weather is great, it can be a very enjoyable experience and we all have a good day out.

There have been occasions, however, where things haven’t gone quite so smoothly. I recall one occasion when we found ourselves on the terraces at a nearby football club.

Helen was quite a bit younger. It was a very cold winter’s day and think the only thing that stopped her getting completely out of hand was the fact that, purely by chance, one of her friends from nursery happened to be there. The two kids entertained themselves why us adults watched the game.

What can make all the difference is a hospitality package. We’ve been lucky to experience this a few times.

If you’re enjoying a sporting event as a family and you have young children, it just makes it more relaxing. On a different occasion, when Izzy was very young and still being bottle fed, she got over-tired while we were at the races. Thankfully, we were in a hospitality suite and were able to find a quiet spot for her to have a nap in her buggy. If we’d been in the stands, I think we may have had to call it a day and head off home.

Oh, and then of course there’s the hospitality itself. It is very pleasant to have table service or a bar that you can just go up to and use at will.

As a family, we are yet to experience hospitality at a rugby match. I have to be honest, I am more of a rugby person and the idea does greatly appeal.

Although we recently moved house, we still live reasonably close to Twickenham. If we were to see a game, I can think of nowhere better than Twickenham Stadium, the largest rugby union stadium anywhere in the world.

There are two very good reasons to visit Twickenham this season. First of all, the long-anticipated East Wing development will open for business. Featuring an ale house, a variety of restaurants and four private terraces, the hospitality is sure to be second to none.

The other reason to see a game and experience Twickenham hospitality is because the Quilter Internationals will be taking place. Hosted at the ground, you can see England play South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand during November. You’ll need to book fast though as some hospitality tickets have already sold out.

The East Wing looks amazing. I have high hopes that one day my family and I can go along and watch a game. In an ideal world, we’d watch England against Scotland. With Mrs Adams being a Scot I know where her loyalties would be. So long as the hospitality were good, we might all get home in one piece!


Disclosure: This commissioned article was produced in association with Kieth Prowse.

4 thoughts on “Enjoy some Twickenham hospitality”

    1. Well darren, if you want to go and experience some great hospitality, it seems like the new wing could be right up your street.

    1. It does look like a fantastic venue and the new wing can only improve it I think. Not keen to parachute out as you went over then?

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