How many clothes do you own? #ad

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I recently hired a skip and had a huge clear out. As a family, we’d amassed huge amounts of junk over the past five years and it needed dealing with.

What couldn’t be recycled, ended up in the skip. With two young children, you can probably appreciate there were loads of broken toys, worn out baby and toddler items etc. that had to be disposed of.

Most of the recycled items were textiles and clothes. I’m quite good at recycling my clothes, even if I say so myself. Mrs Adams is, well, not quite so good at sorting through her things and disposing of items that are no longer worn.

According to a new survey by self-storage specialist Storefirst.com, this is the reverse to most households. In most families, men apparently hoard their clothes while women are better at recycling them or donating them to charity.

Apparently the average British male own eight pairs of shoes. I won’t tell you how many I own, but it’s a few more than that.

The results of Storefirst.com’s survey can be seen in the infographic below. Do take a look and see if they ring true in your relationship. Are you a woman that owns 33 tops or a man that owns 10 pairs of trousers? Please do leave a comment below. I’d love to know if I’m the only guys who owns a shoe collection in the double figures.

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